Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Perked Senior In SLC

This summer I have been upping my exercising.
A high school classmate of mine invited me to join her at a Zumba class at a nearby rec center.
 One class and I was hooked!  
My classmate had recently been sidelined with a knee injury which had resulted in some weight gain; she had her knee fixed and used Zumba to get back down to her high school cheer leading size two body.
Size TWO! 
Oh my!
I decided if she could get that kind of results I would give it a try too.
While I find my lack of coordination and lack of rhythm mortifying to see as I attempt to Zumba before two full walls of mirrors I have swallowed my pride and "just do it!"
 Little by little I am learning a few steps and songs.
 Little by little pounds and inches are coming off my body and energy is coming into my body, a very pleasant trade off for making a dripping with sweat mess of myself two to three times a week.
This week I decided to add some water aerobics into my work out schedule.
The Holladay Lions recreation center holds morning classes in a beautiful "therapeutic temperature" pool (about skin temperature so the water feels pleasantly warm).  
The classes have about 20 ladies chatting away as they follow the movements of our instructor in rhythm to the music being played poolside.
The mornings are set aside for swim classes for children and adult classes/lap swimming.
A jacuzzi hot tub is available only to adults.
 Can you imagine how great this place looks/feels in snowfall?
I believe the pool has a combo chemical water treatment as it does not have the typical chlorine, knock you over, smell that is typical of most indoor pools.
On the other side of the pool is a "lazy river" area where a steady current in the water carries floaters through a channel or serves to challenge walkers/swimmers who chose to go against the flow.
Just outside is a lovely patio and lawn area for summer sun bathing and relaxing.
I have really enjoyed the soothing classes that have helped me to both stretch and work out.
All through the pool are groups of two or three folks chatting away usually in neck deep water.
 I get a kick out of listening in to the discussions going on in the water about political and current events, family and church news, travel, restaurant, movie, book and tv reviews. 
It seems to be a vibrant if very wet community of people of all shapes and sizes and of all ages...with toddlers learning to swim up to quite frail looking elderly folks all enjoying their time in the water.
At the other end of the pool is an awesome looking water slide.
 I want to slide SO bad but need to have someone who will safely hold my glasses for me. 

In the afternoons the kid's splash park comes to life.
 Once our grandsons are just a wee bit older I am sure we will be playing here regularly.

I appreciate the walk in area of the pool so folks with problems using stairs can just walk in.
 They have the chair lifts too but this option is nice for children to safely be able to slowly enter the pool easily too.

The center also has an indoor walking/running track, dance rooms with bars and mirrors, ball courts for handball, basketball, tennis, a huge fitness machine center with televisions and free weights, a party room and a child care center with indoor and outdoor play areas.
Outside are baseball fields and soccer fields and picnic areas.
The best part: I discovered after attending my first Zumba class that Bernie and I are considered "seniors" now and are eligible for a senior pass to ALL the Salt Lake area recreation centers and ALL the fitness classes offered at all the centers for an annual fee of $190 per couple.
 $95 per year for each of us; that's just small change under $2 a week.
 The Holladay Lions pool recreation center is about seven minute drive from our house.
 Evergreen, a pool less fitness center is just eight minutes away. Evergreen is attached to a beautiful library with a fireplace reading room and a senior center that also houses a senior priced lunch restaurant. Outside of Evergreen is one of the best children's playgrounds in our area.
 Both facilities offer clean and modern facilities and classes taught by friendly encouraging people that mostly are in the forty to fifty or more age range...a detail I find helpful as I really have a hard time with a twenty something hard body teaching, if you know what I mean?

I am feeling so blessed to have such exercise options available to me, along with all the outdoor hikes and walk options too.
 Got to say it again: I live living here in Utah!


Sara said...

Wow, that is wonderful to have such amenities so close to you, and at a lovely senior discount too. Oh my, I have diminished my exercise this summer for various reasons and gotten quite lazy. You are an inspiration!

Pondside said...

That looks like a fantastic facility! Good for you for getting out and trying new things like Zumba. My excuse for the past many years is that we live in the country and that it's just too much of a hassle to get to a rec centre. I'll have no excuse when we move to town!

Lorrie said...

Pool facilities like the one you've shown are great community services. We have several in our town. The little grandgirlies love going to the pool.
Zumba sounds like such fun, but I'm a klutz.

ellen b. said...

Wowzers is right about that great yearly fee!! YMCA here was a little too pricey for me. I'm glad you are getting the exercise. I need to put that into my schedule!

Lovella ♥ said...

What a really great exercise facility. I really do think that SLC is an amazing place and I haven't even come yet. What is with that?
So glad you are enjoying your new fitness challenge.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Too funny...I switched gyms when they put a Zumba class into my favorite time slot at the old one. First I tried a few Zumba classes...and then decided I was far too uncoordinated to continue. Have fun Zumba-ing and working out in the water...all at discounted seniors rates. :)

RoeH said...

I'd do it with you if I was up there. I tried zumba once and I was so uncoordinated ---- I looked like Elaine from the Seinfeld series.