Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Little Lyman Lake fauna

Little Lyman Lake:
A chance to saunter around and see what wildlife may likewise be sauntering about.
Butterflies, of course.

One of the butterflies decided to try a modern food.

The poor thing kept trying to get a sip of Gatorade.
It did make for a colorful picture!

His fellow orange butterflies stuck to the traditional asters that bloom so freely in August here.

While I was focusing in on the butterflies this little guy scampered up to the rock directly in front of me.

The rock was nearly touching my foot.

Cute little critter...

Butterfly duets.

And trios.
They were so intent on slurping away that they never flinched as I moved about.

I did flinch when I spotted this wicked looking thing.
(And yet God surely took as much pleasure making it as He did the butterflies, right?)

The butterfly didn't seem to mind have the fly as a dining companion.

The fly with the lady bug body and transparent wings was a little less dreadful to see.

A nice damsel fly rested on a rock.
(Damsel flies have wings that rest against their backs, dragonflies wings stick out to their sides.)

The male humans, another form of fauna, were quite noisy on their cycles.
Thankfully they just roared into the area and then roared out just as fast.

A cluster of females, young and old, were clustered right next to where I had plopped my camp chair.
They. Never. Shut. Up.
All talked non-stop, all at once.

I think this was a Goshawk.
Seeing it perch on the far side of the lake got me out of my chair and moving swiftly to get closer for a better photo.
Just as I was getting 3/4 of the way there Bernie called out to me from the lake and the bird winged away.

Fuzzy yellow bee...I only saw one.

The furry body of the orange butterfly that is probably a Fritillary.

The edge of the lake was alive with dozens of dragonflies that never landed.
Usually they will land repeatedly on a single point of a stick or something, but not this group.
I tried to photograph them mid flight; this was the best of that time waster.

One did land for a moment on a lily pad.

A mother Mallard and her ducklings paddled around the lake for a bit.

They stayed in the shallows mostly.

I never did see Mr. Mallard.
Perhaps he was out of pocket for the day.
The crown jewel of the day:

It was actually the first bit of wildlife I saw.
I had put up my chair and walked down the lake, and walking the few yards back to my chair I saw it working over a small pink thistle bush.


The two white commas next to its head and the bands of orange and blue dots on the top of the wings were beautiful but the undersides of the wings were like stain glass.

I took so many photos of this butterfly that if I printed them all up I could probably wall paper a room with its image.
Which isn't such a bad idea, really.
Next post:
The flora.


Vee said...

If only those noisy people would leave you to peace and quiet...some wonderful I recently posted photos a a dragonfly, I am particularly impressed by yours in flight. Your "wow" butterfly is so beautiful. Entire rooms could be built around his color scheme.

ellen b. said...

Ahh life with people. Oye!
Love all your quiet nature shots!

Pondside said...

The White Admiral is stunning! fact all the colour is stunning!

Julie said...

Your photos are all award-winning quality. Your eye and your camera a wonderful duet!
God's creation - such an abundance of beauty and reasons to be fascinated!
We stood on our deck last evening as the sun was setting -- two bucks passed by, then a bat flew overhead, then we listened to music of a hooting owl.

Sara said...

Thank you for sharing all these amazing little creatures with us Jill. I especially like that last elegant butterfly.

Kathie said...

Thanks for the facts re the damsel fly's wings. I never knew that one. And a great shot of the dragon fly in flight!

Lovella ♥ said...

I'm just amazed at how similar the scenery and fauna there is to manning park. It must be similar in altitude.
Such beautiful photos.

Vicki said...

Some people are so busy listening to themselves talktalktalk that they miss all the beauty God has placed around them! Such nerve! ;)

I'm pretty certain that bird was probably an osprey, rather than a goshawk...I think. At least, it sure looks like all the ospreys that live around here!

Love the photos and the narrative!