Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A champagne christening on the bow....

Here I will tell of the  maiden voyage of the mighty Fish Cat 4!
(A champagne christening on the small boat's bow would definitely been way, way too much as you will soon see.)
Bernie had decided he was interested in trying lake fishing from a floating device.
After a bit of considering and research, he settled on something called  "Fish Cat 4".
It seem quite a proper choice give the number of cats that are part of our daily lives.
It also didn't take up much space in our garage when deflated and could easily be loaded into our car; in fact I could lift it myself if needed.
He quickly acquired the floating seat, and fins, then studied up on various Utah lakes to determine which of them where boat launch-able (as in one could drive up to the lake edge) and which of them were fairly sheltered from wind.
 Little Lake Lyman were selected for the Fish Catts maiden voyage, a lake somewhere in the Uintas mountains.

The float was blown up using a small electric air pump that plugged into our car's cigarette lighters.
Bernie shrugged in to his waders, grabbed his fishing rod and fins, and trudged to the water's edge.

He eased himself into the seat and drifted off shore.

I stood close enough that I could ask him in normal voice level how it felt.
It felt just fine.

He finned his way out to the deep, and began to fish.

Doesn't he look relaxed?

I wouldn't mind being out there myself, sans fishing rod.
I need not bother fish to enjoy being out on a lake.

He floated.
 I read, photographed flora and fauna, and walked a bit around the lake.

We could speak easily with each other but soon were fascinated with our own adventures.

He did call out when he got a hook up.

A nice rainbow trout!
(It and another catch was poached the next day, and served at home as part of breakfast and in a salad for lunch.)

Save for the pine bark beetle damage, the scene couldn't have been more delightful.

After a few hours he finned to shore while I was busy photographing some wildflowers.

Ah Fish Cat 4!
A fine first voyage you made!
(So fine that Bernie is interested in acquiring one for me to use aside his. I rather like that idea.)

A closer look at one of his freshly caught rainbows.
And of his freshly caught happy smile as well.


Vee said...

Now that is the way to fish! Will you dare take your camera out?

Pondside said...

I think that's a great idea. I can just picture you floating out there on the still water. Bliss!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Now that looks like a 'cushy' way to fish! I almost feel sorry for all those fishermen who stand for hours in the water. Fishing while floating is much more appealing! Love your damsel fly foto.

Sara said...

The Fish Cat looks like it would be fun, even if one was not fishing, but just enjoying a relaxing float in the stream.

Lovella ♥ said...

Ah yes...Terry looked at something like this too and it certainly looks like less to transport. Terry's pontoon boat would be a hassle to drag down to the lake each time so he welded on a bracket where he inserts a wheel to roll it up and down.

Vicki said...

That Fish Cat looks like fun! I love the pictures of Bernie off floating in the distance...so relaxing!

(I'm trying to catch up - can you tell?)