Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Romance

So yesterday we were hanging around the living room, watching Luke and letting Bernie recover a bit when suddenly we had visitors.

One deer came by the living room picture and peered in like we were the animals in a zoo.
I got a picture using my phone's camera. 
The next moment another deer showed up...then another one...and another one...until we had SEVEN deer in our front yard!
I couldn't get them all in one picture as they milled around out front.

Poor things; so hungry and looking for food since the mountains are so deep with snow they can't find food up there.
The herd went into our side yard where they fed on our neighbor's unpruned roses.

Not finding much to eat around our place, they marched on.

Down the street and around the corner they went, stepping into yards in their search for fodder.
So hungry...
So cold...

Well, at least one deer couple found a way to stay warm.
(They have an ENTIRE state forest to themselves right now, why they felt like our street was better suited for romance I have no idea.)
Guess we will be at least be having some baby deer in the neighborhood come summer.


Vee said...

...and the beat goes on. How wild that must be to have so many looking in at you. Luke must have enjoyed seeing them so close. Hope that they find something good to eat. I know a farmer who leaves his barn doors open and the deer are allowed to chow down on the hay he harvests just for them. Lots of folks do not think he should.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Wow! You don't even have to go on the hunt for your photographic subjects...they come looking for you. It seems they are looking for food...and looking for all the wrong places.

Lorrie said...

No need to venture far for photographic subjects in your neck of the woods. 7 deer at once is a lot!