Sunday, January 13, 2013

Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...

The snow storm finally stopped around three on Saturday afternoon.
Bernie was able to get up for a bit, then he went back to bed.
With his blessings, I headed up Mill Creek Canyon to see what had gone on up there during the storm.

Not too much to see that I could see, at least not right away.
Then I started to see all the naturally created runaway  snowballs.
I have yet to see one form and begin its journey down an incline; do they speed along or just roll very slowly?
I like how they leave what looks like a dotted or dashed line behind.

I have no idea what starts them off in the first place.
As I learned during my time in avalanche school, ahem, snow balls aren't the cause of entire snow shelves breaking loose.

Just so cute...

I suppose a story could be spun about forest elfs or angels playing and making the balls for fun.
Perhaps someday that story will flesh itself out in time for telling to a wide eyed grandchild who has joined me for a snowshoe walk.

We had been told that after the storm cleared the temperatures would drop dramatically.
No has been in the low twenties/high teens for the past three days; after the sky cleared the temperature dropped to 5 degrees F.

The sun's departure was gentle.

The roadway was a slushy deep mess; I was afraid it would freeze solid before I could make it back down the canyon, so I was back on the road just a few minutes after I shot these photos.

The Mill Creek Canyon water fall across from Log Haven Restaurant was nearly frozen. will surely be at a stand still.

On the way I up I had noticed the trails up on the mountainsides where the deer had obviously wandered about after the storm cleared.

There was a small parking area for about six cars where I had parked; a couple on snow shoes returned to their car while I was photographing the deer trails.
They called out to me asking if I had a telephoto lens.
Not this time.
 I was seeing what I could do with my 60mm set on infinity.
(Without reading the handbook first, duh, I should know better than to do that..)

If I had had my telephoto 55-250mm lens you would now be seeing the deer in the center of the photo in crystal clear definition.
Or perhaps if I had read the 60mm lens directions that might have worked too.
(I'll get back to you on that one!)

The couple suggested I hike up the hill to get a better shot.
I don't think so...
It was just moments away from being completely dark.

The deer were clearly heading down the hill in search of food.

You can see that they are up to their shoulders in snow.
As I continued down the canyon two emergency fire truck vehicles roared passed me, and then another emergency vehicle went by towing a trailer of four ski mobiles.
Someone up in the canyon was in trouble.
 The temperatures were still dropping and it was going to be pitch dark in a few minutes.
In situations like this where one just doesn't know what exactly is going on, but it is clearly not a good situation, it is a relief to be able to send up a pray for all the people involved.
Later I learned that a couple had been skiing 2 miles up in Porter Fork and an avalanche had come down on the 42 year old woman skier.  Her partner had avalanche equipment with him and was able to get her out, albeit unconscious at first.  She was flown out and was talking when they lifted off.
Good news, isn't that?

Before going  home I stopped to pick up some food treats that had sounded good to Bernie.
 Remember the Canyon is three miles from home, and our shopping center is about a half mile from my home; the grocery store really is right on my way home.
The Rocky Mountain Pizza Company's smoke glowed red against the night clad Mill Creek area mountain.

From the grocery store parking lot: If I looked to my right, to the south,  I could see Mt. Olympus.

To the right and east is Neff's Canyon. 

My grocery store for quick shopping...

By now it was dark out and the time lapse feature for night shooting gives the photo a bit of a blur but the glowing lights in the bottom of Olympus Cove, where we live, can be seen.
Bernie and I always shake our heads over the fact that the very best views of the mountains can be seen from the grocery store parking lot.

And if I look west, I see the entire Salt Lake Valley floor, with the copper mine glowing on the  western mountains, and the tiniest bit of a crescent moon floating like a soap bubble in the sky.
It sure is a pretty view no matter which way I look.
Makes a quick run to the store a real pleasure.
Even if this time it meant my fingers became numb just from the walk from the store to my car.


Kathie said...

I laughed out loud when I read about your "time avalanche school" - you have a great sense of humour and are ever the learner! A true librarian.

Gorgeous photos as always - the 60mm will have to be next on my list.

Vee said...

So did I! (Laugh out loud at your Avalanche School comment.) I read much of your post to John who absolutely agrees with your comment about the comfort of saying a prayer when something is going on. Beautiful photos! You're a brave one!

Grandma G said...

Awesome photos once again! The snowballs are intriguing! And I never thought of the moon as a soap bubble - I love it! :)

ellen b. said...

You win the brrr contest for the weekend! Wonderful photos. A frozen waterfall is quite the sight for sure!

Pondside said...

Your winter posts almost make me yearn for a day or two in the cold and snow - but then I remember all my years in winter country, and I think I'll just keep on enjoying my visits to your blog!

Lovella ♥ said...

You know what is so how I wondered yesterday how it never seems like you do any of the mundane things like grocery shopping. Go do have to stop and get groceries.
I also smiled at your avalanche school reminder.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I remember that view from your place to the west...of the valley floor. A beautiful spot from which to view the city at night.

Beautiful snow photos once again!

Marg said...

This was a great post...I loved watching those snowballs head down the mountain...and the deer...and you are only 3 miles from such a beautiful place to boast.
My daughter would of fit right into this injured scene. She herself was on a similar adventure last year. Nothing serious.
Some beautiful views. Enjoy the crisp days.

Vicki said...

I was remembering our little visit a couple of years ago as I read about your little outing here...remembering our picnic up in Mill Creek, which was preceeded by our stop at your little grocery store (which was a nice store, by the way), and thought of the fabulous views surrounding your location. Picturing it all chilled and snow-covered made me shiver...or did I shiver when I chuckled about avalanche school?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I just had to look around on your blog. What a spectacular part of the country to live in! WOW!