Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Whoosh...the week has flown by and my computer went in for a check-up, so now I have it back and can post again!

Sunday involved picking some small tomatoes warm off their vines.

And one big heritage tomato, a Cherokee Brown too.
Love those heritage tomatoes!

Sunday also meant a walk up Millcreek Canyon.

Bernie and I walk on the edge of the roadway pavement, sticking to the shady side or the stream side as much as possible.
Getting views like this one is a pleasant plus to a "burn some calories/keep fit" walk. 

Hard to decide how to shoot this little water fall.

Thank heaven for digital cameras that make making such a choice unnecessary.

There were a few splashes of fall color.
This little splash seemed just as undecided as I was about what to do.
Apparently it went with all sorts of colors in a polk-a-dot design.

I do appreciate the fact that Millcreek Canyon roadway has a gently grade.
I can walk it easily and do so even in winter with my snow shoes on.

As we approached an area called Elbow Fork the creek was rushing over some heavy rocks.

The sound was lovely....

Cool air rose towards us as we stood there for a moment to enjoy the frothy waters.

And as usual, if I stand somewhere for a few moments I will see something that I otherwise would have missed seeing.
Seems like I usually see one of my OSU colored caterpillars each fall.

About a month ago we hiked up one of the Millcreek forks and I didn't take my camera along.
(I know...weird, but I was focusing on really hiking UP a bit and didn't want the extra weight of a camera along with me.)
At one point I saw a tiny side streamlet that had the most interesting red root like things waving just beneath the water. was the same reddish things in Millcreek proper.
Moss or roots?
I have no idea, but have never seen anything like them before.

Autumn colors will continue to ramp up in the Canyon until early November.
I'll be up there a lot taking pictures and enjoying the scents and colors of the season.

If you'd like, I'd love to have you come along too.
Or if you can't come along for the ride...
I'll share the pictures with you anyway, via blogdom...of course!


Vee said...

You want someone to push the baby carriage? Is that it? He'll be a hiker for sure.

I'm surprised by all the fall colors and that dappled plant is very neat. Now I've not seen anything like that before. Hope that you find out about the red roots? plants? whatevers...

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Love the colours...and can almost hear the sounds of the you took us along up Millcreek way. Thanks!

ellen b. said...

We saw those same moss or roots in a river in Chewelah, Wa. Made us wonder...
Beautiful shots. I have to put walking fitness in my schedule again.

Sara said...

What a great baby stroller that is; those big wheels must make for a smooth and easy ride...and Luke looks quite awed by all the beauty around him.

Kathie said...

I love when you share your walks with us! And I especially enjoy walking along little streams like that. I can just imagine the sound of falling water. So peaceful!

Lovely tomatoes too - are you making salsa?

Happy weekend Jill!

Kathie said...

I can't believe I missed Luke in that picture! You emphasized the trees and not him - what's going on??? :)

I'm sure Josie would love to come along with us - can you imagine the smiles they'd be giving each other?


Anneliese said...

Ah.. that last photo is more reason to enjoy it all!