Monday, September 10, 2012

Another busy late summer weekend: Saturday

Greek Festival...we went again!
I think this was my fifth or sixth time going.
The event has grown over the years until now it lasts for four days.
It is the longest running Greek festival in America, now in its 37th year.

The Festival is held to raise funds for twenty local charities.
I haven't found out exactly how much they raise, but with 50,000 people attending you can imagine the dollar amount raised with just the five dollar fee to get in.

We love seeing the dancing.
The Greek Orthodox kids are taught traditional Greek dances and move through various dance group levels until they are college age.
I imagine it must be such a great way to bond the kids together, teach them how to interact with the opposite sex, and also gain a skill that can be used at any Greek gathering around the globe.

But...truth be known...we go for the food. The festival has the very BEST Greek food!
The lines to get food are very long but move efficiently.
The women cook for months,
and the men are in booths around the tent working over open flames to cook chicken, lamb and pork.
The smell is delicious!!!
(Poor Luke.  No Greek food for you this year. Next year buddy, we promise!)
Funds are raised from the sale of food too...

With the music going it is almost impossible not to want to get up and dance a bit too.
The Festival has so much to offer, with kid zones for play, museum and sanctuary tours and gift shops one could hang out there for a whole day.

But that afternoon we had other places we want to go explore too...
All over town there have been billboards touting the opening of "Kitty City"!
(Seriously...who wouldn't want to go to a place called Kitty City?)

Our local Humane Society owns a fairly large piece of property, and the Boyces donated funds to create "Kitty City".
Instead of homeless cats being put in cages...

Now they have spacious rooms geared just for their pleasure!

Cats are fostered and once they are in adoptable condition, they are move into Kitty City.
This is a common room which several cats share. 

Then there are Kitty Condos for smaller groups.
Three to a room, two, or even one right now.
Apparently adoptions have been skyrocketing ever since Kitty City opened three weeks ago.

Each of the twenty or so condos have a screen playing DVDs of birds and mice and rats with tantalizing chirping and squeaks.

There are also "get acquainted" rooms for people to interact with just one cat at a time.

The condo furnishings are first rate!

Along the hallways one can enjoy cat related artwork which are offered for sale as fundraisers.

Isn't this cat  a beauty?
The cats were mostly very comfortable in their condos, purring when petted, and not shy at all.

Nothing like an orange cat with a very striped tail!
We didn't adopt any kitties since our four more than meet our household cat needs for now.
But that won't stop us from occasionally visiting Kitty City just to meet other wonderful deserving homeless cats who have managed to land on their feet in a most pleasant place...a shelter that offers excellent accommodations and is striving to reach a No Kill status.
They are very close...only really sick cats are put down right now.
It is a bit troubling to consider that these cats have it better than many children in the world.
Still...I am glad for the homeless cats.

The day ended with a sky show.

I try to go outside at sunset and watch to see what beauty will form above me.
(Notice the black clouds between the trees....)

The sky  hosted both dark storm clouds and airy clouds as well.
As I write this we are having a few most welcomed showers.
The air is scented with the warm damp earthy smells that end of summer/early fall can bring.
The pictures above were from Saturday...tomorrow I will share about our Sunday.


Sara said...

That was a delightful day. Greek food is very tasty, and I'm grateful for a really good Greek restaurant here in town. Kitty that is really something special and I too am happy for the cats lucky enough to land there.

Vee said...

He may not be enjoying Greek food yet, but whatever Luke is dining on is sending him skyward. I know I keep saying it, but that child is so cute.

What a concept in kitty shelters. It must be so pleasant to go in and visit with the cats there. The one with her little tongue out says that she is very happy indeed.

RoeH said...

Love Loved this Post!! You just know I would. I've always wanted to create a cat living room where they could roam in tunnels up near the ceiling and railings everywhere. I was just showing Hank these pictures and what I'd like to do. He didn't care. I think I could adopt that pretty cat with the white face and neck.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You'll have Luke eating Greek food in no time! While we were eating Mennonite were being immersed in the world of all things Greek.

Lovella ♥ said...

I am amazed at Kitty city! It is so clean and inviting for visitors and residents alike.
The Greek festival is fantastic. I'd be there for the food as well.

So fun to see that Luke is taking in all these events with you! The first grandchild truly does have advantages.

Anonymous said...

Murray wants to move to Kitty City!

Kathie said...

Lovely day!! The Greek festival looks like it would be such fun - and the Kitty City is downright amazing. I'm surprised you resisted adoption :)