Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Catching up.

Did I make the Jr. High School Peanut Chew bars that I blogged about earlier this week?
You bet your bippy I did!
(Remember when everyone used to go around betting their bippy?  What exactly was a bippy anyway?)

The recipe proved itself.
The bars were exactly as I remember them tasting back when I was about 14 years old.
If only my metabolism was the same as a 14 year old was.
I had to slice up the jelly roll pan full and tuck most of the bars away in the freezer and made plans to foist them off on family and friends.
Otherwise I would have probably eaten the entire pan in a day or two.
My "bippy" would likely have enlarged itself tremendously!

So let's talk about smaller.
As in tiny dish gardens, which to me are even more exciting than tiny doll houses.
Isn't this one adorable?

The moss "lawn"...the one tiny succulent used as a bush.

One of our non-chain garden centers has staff that create dish gardens to die for.
If I had to live in a place without a garden I would snap up these dish gardens to sooth my garden loving soul.

The white pine planted desert scene was pretty would almost cover the top of a card table.
I would of added a small ceramic jack rabbit to the scene.

Check out the pine cones!
So cute...unlike the pine cones that our 40 foot tall pine tree rains down on us by the bushel full each year.

The weather has been just perfect this week.
Just a tad brisk in the morning; just a tad warm by late afternoon.
I have made it a point to go walking in the morning while it is still cool and the sun is just rising above the snow jeweled mountains.

Flowering shrubs abound in the neighborhood. 

I watch for nests; this nest being the same one that I photographed in the snow on April 1st. 

So pleasant to see snowballs that are fragrant.

That bush towers over head and creates a dazzling display against the rich blue morning sky.
The bird song fills my ears as I walk and I once again am thankful for the beauty that surround me here in Utah.
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Lovella ♥ said...

I just said the other day that I want to plant a snowball bush. It takes me back to the farm where I grew up and snowballs, forsythia, japonica and lilacs were all planted together to bloom in union right around Mother's Day.
Oh those squares look so delicious. I can imagine what it would do to my bippy too.

Lorrie said...

Those gardens in a pot are truly charming. And inspiring. They have me casting my thoughts garden wise to think what I could put in mine.

Vee said...

Hahahahahaha, glad that you're pretty clear about what a bippy is. Hysterical!

As I just said, I'm doomed and Sweet Bippy be danged.

Those are nice gardens. I can see one made up in the top of the bird bath given that the birds don't use the facilities. Are you going to make one yourself?

ellen b. said...

Phooey! I wish I had one of those bars while I scroll through all your fun shots...

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I think it is spring everywhere. Love all the blooms!

I wouldn't mind having one of your peanut chew slices right about now!

Pondside said...

The little gardens appeal to the little girl in me - the one who loved dolls' houses and anything tiny.
Those bars look mighty tempting, but I'm not about to risk my bippy just two weeks before having to get into a MOB dress!

Sara said...

I love that tiny little bench in the miniature garden...

Your peanut chews look soooooo delicious.

Kathleen Lisson said...

I feel so sad that that green bench isn't full size. I believe bippy meant our rear end, didn't it? One can also freeze their bippy off, according to my mother.

podso said...

Visiting from Vee's blog. Oh my the container garden! Brings the memories. We used to make them in pie plates. Moss for grass, etc. fun.