Sunday, May 06, 2012

First Fishing Trip 2012: Currant Creek

Saturday...we drove two hours out to Currant Creek for a bit of fishing.
The trout had had a long winter and were ready to bite.
Nice big fish, caught on dry fly, then released to fight another day.

While Bernie fished, I surveyed the new greening in the area.

The snow was all gone, earlier than we have seen before, and the leaves on the trees were so tiny they looked like confetti when views through to the sunlight.

I like the all season rock colors too.

The river flow was moderate.
This year's snowfall was not as deep as usual and the river flow was gentler because of that. 

Upstream another fisherman was enjoying being with his dog.
And his dog was clearly enjoying being with him.

Usually I can pick faces out of the rock.
My imagination must have been on the fritz as I couldn't really see any faces in this view. 

Bernie in the lower center left side.
He actually caught two fish that I saw. 
Maybe more while I was wandering about?
I should ask.

A sandhill crane was walking through this area, but ducked into the brushy area before I could get a picture of him.

In a few more weeks this area will be home to loads of butterflies and red wing blackbirds.

As we drove futher up the river I happened to glance at Bernie's leg.
It was COVERED with seeds.

He told me he had already brushed most of them off before he had hopped into the car.
Kind of gave me the creeps.

Usually we wear a nylon ripstop kind of pants that won't allow seeds to cling like this.

Then we went to Switzerland.
Just kidding!
When I look back at pictures of our trip to Switzerland I am astonished at how often Swiss scenery looks exactly like Utah scenery.
This is Currant Reservoir.

The wind was cold.
You can tell by looking at how choppy the surface of the lake appears.

There is a campground on the other side of the lake.
I am hoping we can come here camping in summer when it is a tad bit warmer.

We had a discussion about pontoon boats and how fun it would be to own one for this lake.
Of course where would we store it?
And how often would we really use it?
Questions like those are such a buzz kill.

The spring yellow aspen mimic the fall golden colors on the hillside.
Just a bit more yellow-ish than gold though.

There is a road that leads to an area known as Red Cliffs.
This time we decided to take that drive too.
The cliffs are seen if one faces away from the lake.
The road was rutted but do-able with our all wheel drive.

The trouble with aspen:  It is almost impossible to stop taking pictures of them.

I kinda didn't even try to stop...



and one more...

Just one more... 

Hey...don't leave me!
I am almost done.


Red Cliffs 

Blue flower

Blue pond with evergreens.

Red rock, green trees...

Another week and this scene will be totally different.
And wouldn't it be amazing in autumn? 

The view back down the mountain to the reservoir.

The road back down the mountain.

The reservoir playing peek-a-boo through the tiny spring leaves.

Wonder when the tall black trees will leaf out?

(Scenes like this make me want to learn how to use lens filters.  The sky and lake were blue but the distance washed them out.)

I know for a fact that in two weeks these trees will be a deep green instead of the spring yellow green.
Still...pretty this way too!

Another confetti view.

I was on the look out for birds.  Apparently this robin was dispatched to keep me happy: I can say I did see ONE bird!

He was singing up a storm too.

I suspect the area really didn't get much snow if the dried flowers of autumn are still standing.

Doesn't it look like it would be a tasty treat for hooved creatures?

I know the area is deer population intense.
Why hasn't it been nibbled down by now? 

Pretty stuff for now.
At least until the spring wildflowers appear.

I liked the composition of this shot.
For some reason it says "baptism" to my brain.
Gail... :-)
Gail...I wish you had been along too!
It was so nice to be out in the back country again!
Fish take notice:  Bernie's coming your way soon!


ellen b. said...

How very lovely all this scenery is. I did see a face in that first shot upper left...
You really do live in a great part of the country for your interests...

Lorrie said...

That first delicate green mist of spring is so beautiful. You've captured the beginning of the season so well. Beautiful country.

Vee said...

It always feels to me as if I've been along for the adventure, too, in the nicest possible way. No chill breeze, no bugs, no seeds, no urgent need for a restroom. ☺ I'm like that kid in "The Middle" who would just as soon see the world in a book. When taken on a family trip to a dam or some such thing, he looks up from his book long enough to say, "Yes, there it is." Oh I am simply pitiful; glad that you're not!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Beautiful photos, Jill! These scenes in Utah reminds me of those I've seen in Colorado. The West is so alluring to me.

Sara said...

B looks like he takes his fishing very seriously.

Yes, I know just what you mean about those aspens! Can't ever stop photographing the amazing creations.

I've never seen seeds like those before. Wish I could wander around in the wilderness with you on the spur of the moment....

Lovella ♥ said...

Ah...gorgeous photos. It is such a beautiful area...I know I've said that before but it is still so true.

I know what you mean about the early spring green. I watch it everyday...slowly deepening.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I like your kind of fishing...the tandem kind. One with a with a lens. I like spring in Utah. Lovely pic's!

Kathy said...

Bernie, not sure what type of fish u r after?For trout I use two types of fly rod up here, depending on what I am doing, and I am no pro. Sinking tip line gets the wet fly to the bottom of the lake and floating line stays on the top of the water, with a dry fly. I have a belly boat which allows me to drift around the lake. On our river close to our house, we go after salmon, I use a fly rod for fun and then also we drift fish, 10-11 ft rod with a level wind reel. We drift fish, cast out and there is a float that bobs along the surface and then below, is the hook with a small piece of coloured wool, or bait. tuff to tell what to use cause not sure what type of fish you are after. Good Luck, and remember, "A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work." :)

Kathy said...

Hi jill...Scot and I enjoyed this post. Scot sent Bernie a reply on this post. I think they would have fun on the river together...and we would too:) Who knows...maybe one day we will.

Kathie said...

Confetti is the perfect description! Roger would love to join Bernie fly-fishing - it's his favourite sport!

And . . .this post just goes to show you that we new grandmies CAN post about something other than our new grandbabies! :)

a woman who is said...

Stunning photography. I loved them all. You really took us along with you.