Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring to Summer in 20.

Saturday I distinctly recall wondering when our apple tree would blossom.

Twenty hours later....I had my answer.
I actually did a double take when I looked outside Sunday morning.
Could a tree go from green to white that fast?
Yes, apparently it could! 
And did!

I get a kick out of the few tiny branches that poke their way through the fence to bloom.
Sort of like they want an unobstructed view of our garden?
(Thinking this shot would make a good note card...perhaps will have to enter Vee's monthly note card party after all!)

In other gardening news:  Another Japanese maple has come to live with us.
It was love at first sight...I had to have it.
Especially when I learned its name.

No, its name has nothing to do with hats, cats or grands.
It is named ------ Dream.
Care to guess the first part of the name?
(Hint: there is a letter for each dash!)

Sunday not only brought apple blossoms, it also brought record breaking heat.
It was 84 here yesterday and is to reach 87 today.
I am supposing my spring bulbs may beat a hasty retreat.

Don't we all wish spring bulbs would last a lot longer, and be untroubled by unseasonable heat or snow? 

Ahem...well, we wish MOST spring flowers would be so untroubled. 

Shall I make dandelion wine, or just toss them into the compost heap?
(After reading a horrific story about a prisoner of war watching children hunting for dandelions to eat because they were starving I have sort of mixed feeling about dandelions these days.)

Guess I should get busy.
The cats have already done their daily commute down to their office and are adrift without assignments for the day.
Their boss is on the east coast this week, smack in the middle of an unseasonable storm system.
Wishing we could all split the difference here:
Moderate weather for all of us, dandelions and bulbs that would be equally pervasive and resilient, apple trees that would blossom abundantly yet produce only a reasonable amount of fruit.
So what is it like in your part of the world?

Are you having winter, spring or summer today?
Did you guess at the name of my Japanese Maple?

Do tell!
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Vicki said...

Ummm...I didn't go back to count the dashes, but my guess is "Orange Dream." :)

We're having some pretty crazy weather, but I'm loving it today and tomorrow! We had terrific storms on Friday night and Saturday and a drizzly, overcast Sunday, but today is amazing! We were pushing 90 last week and we're barely going to reach 72 today...and the humidity is unbelievably low! I have my windows open! No pollen, either, because of the winds! The sky is blueblueblue and there are a few little cotton puffs floating along. This is perfect Florida weather! :)

Vicki said...

Oops...I forgot to say that I LOVE that photo of the apple blossoms against the fence! That's gorgeous!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It's a perfect spring day in this part of the world...blossoms and all. Aren't the blossoms just amazing? Ever spring I am in awe!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Vicki got it....Orange Dream!

Just a little something from Judy said...

If I come to see you, will you give me photography lessons? These pictures are so AMAZING! They could all go in the card post of Vees.