Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Apple Blossom & Quail Time!

So this morning it was blue blue skies and the apple blossoms were just SO gorgeous I had to try shooting them with a different lens. 

I knew I should set up a tripod...but was in a bit of a rush so I just did hand held shots.
I could see where single petals had already gotten away from several flowers.

Finding blossoms with the extra sweet touch of pink was my goal.

Oh boy...that blue sky!

I started trying various other settings on my camera with mixed results. 

So at this point I am thinking: Need to read the handbook...need to use the tripod...

I noticed hostas were unfurling too.
The purple cuff around the leaves were such a colorful detail.
Since I had to get going, I finished up shooting and was reviewing my photos as I walked across the lawn.

It was a good thing I finally looked up to check were I was going.
I darn near stepped on a feeding quail!

A moment later...I realized there were TWO quail feeding on our lawn.

I defy anyone to walk away with their camera when quail are feeding just a yard or two away. 


They are just so cute and just so charming as they move about as a pair.

And they find such great poses and backdrops too.

Tate was charmed too...and was sending out his best vibes that quail would make an excellent breakfast. 

They wandered through the garden...I followed their movements as quietly as possible.

Secretly I am hoping they are house shopping.
Like maybe they will consider making a nest in our garden.
Actually that would be a horrible idea: our garden is party central for all the neighborhood cats.

They will nest somewhere soon.
And by summer Mr. and Mrs. Quail will be exploring our garden again, this time followed by their puffy golf ball sized off spring.
By autumn there will be quail families running around our neighborhood every where you look.
But for now...I need to remember to look where I am going so I don't accidentally step on a pair of quail feeding on the lawn in the morning.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Such beautiful photos, Jill! I've never seen quail in the wild so I enjoyed your photos.

ellen b. said...

I really love Quail. There is something cool about them that speaks to me...
Your apple blossoms are a lot more white than mine. My pear blossoms are totally white.

Lovella ♥ said...

I was busy taking apple blossom photos as well the other day...but with grey skies...I am hoping for some blue skies before the petals fall.

Those quail are so cute!

Vicki said...

We've had the intensely blue skies this week, but, sadly, no apple blossoms, and I'm thinking no quail, either. However, I was treated to a couple of fluff-balls bouncing down the fairway a couple of weeks ago...trailing behind Mom & Pop Sandhill Crane. They aren't exactly golf-ball sized, but they are so cute to watch!