Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gray Days; looking for Sun

Another gray January day was creating a decidedly gray-bordering on black- mood in me.
To help restore my outlook, Bernie to suggest we take a walk outside somewhere. 
"Somewhere" this time was in the heart of the city; Liberty Park to be exact.
After we slipped on down jackets and gloves, we began our walk. Barely three minutes into the walk we passed by the back of the Tracy Aviary. 
Seeing the bright yellow Sun Conures in their enclosure sure lifted my spirits fast.

Talk about a blast of color!  Don't you feel happier just looking at them?
Their keeper/feeder entered their enclosure as we looked on.
A chat with her informed us that:
There were 19 birds in the cage
The birds are counted twice a day
The bird's sex is determined via blood test
They haven't attempted to determine the sex the birds
And yes the birds are quite happy in their outside enclosure even when it snows.
Bird don't migrate to avoid the cold, the keeper told us.  Birds migrate in order to find food. 

How had that detail eluded me all these years?

As soon as she entered the enclosure the entire flock flew to her,  For a moment she looked as though she was wearing a yellow and orange coat. 
I sort of wished I was her.  Doesn't she look happy at her job?

We walked the length of Liberty Park and around to the other side of the aviary.  The distinctive pelican odor wafted about, but that was easily forgiven after watching the pelicans at play on the shore of their snowy white world.

As we completed our walk about and headed back to our car, we noticed another kind of bird in the tree just in front of where we had parked.

Seeing the bald eagle was kind of funny. 
We had earlier talked about going to the nearby Farmington Bay where the bald eagle population soars during the winter months.
Guess we saved ourself both time and gas money by just going to good old Liberty park in town instead.

I had decided against carrying my "good" camera as the day was so gloomy and all, but I had slipped my point and shoot Sony Cyber-shot HX-5V into my pocket before we began our walk. 
Like the rest of the birds we encounted, the little eagle was therefore suitably document in a jiffy.
Bernie made me laugh by pointing out the the little eagle had probably been asking for directions to Farmington Bay when he saw the scene at the foot of the tree he was perched in:
Why go to all the trouble of flying on the Farmington Bay when all these kinds of birds are at the ready?

And heck,  there are even some interesting looking orange and yellow birds just across the way too.
Just need to figure out how to get inside the citrus flavored bird's place to give them a try.


Anonymous said...

Loved seeing all the birds. Seeing the bright colored ones did lift the spirits. Love, mom S.

Vee said...

Now that was fascinating information. I guess that's why they say not to forget to feed the birds once you have begun.

Yellow anything always gets my attention and cheers me.

May I just say that Bernie is the sweetest guy!

I always love to visit here because I know that you'll be "up to something"!

Lovella ♥ said...

It just makes me smile that we were looking at the same birds...well not the same one exactly...but an Eagle was perched in our tree as well.
I love those sun fun bright yellow birds.

ellen b. said...

Well that is an interesting fact to learn. I always thought birds flew to find warmth...
Love the color! How great to see that eagle!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

The bald eagles have settled into my neighbourhood again as well. I guess they have a good food supply over here. Love those birds...though my grands are a little leery of them.

I would like to see a few of your Sun Conures around here though.

Sara said...

Yes, I wondered if Mr. Eagle was selecting his lunch! Those bright Sun Conures are very cheery indeed. I don't recall ever seeing them before...I could look at then all day long.

Kathie said...

What lovely bright colours!

I knew about the birds migrating for food -that's why the geese stay here if it's a mild winter. They're all still here this year. We don't even have any snow to speak of. I'm looking for a good storm!

Kathy said...

Great photos....your camera takes wonderful pictures....but the user is obviously a good photographer:)
We have seen more eagles this year...the other day we counted over 15 in one area.
Those are sunny looking yellow birds.

Debora said...

Those yellow birds almost make up for the lack of sun! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Why did your Bible study ladies dislike 'wallflower' so much?