Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Day The LOLcats Died

Not sure exactly where I stand on this situation, but I want/need to learn....
Here's good place to start.

Update: Proud to report Utah's Warren Hatch helped/is helping to get SOPA/PIPA stopped.

A really, really fast summary:

As a blogger, I have had folks take entire posts of mine and PUBLISH them in their online newsletters (Princeton University, I am looking straight at you right now...) without asking me or even crediting me.

Under SOPA/PIPA, the Princeton site would have been shut down.  NO warning.  Just like that, Princeton's site would cease to exist.  (Currently a warning is posted and the blogger can remove the offending content).

Also...if someone was to comment on your blog and quoted from someone else's blog, your blog would be shut down. 

If I decided I didn't like your blog, all I would have to do is leave a plagerized comment and KaZAM!  Your blog would be locked up, and no longer accessable.

Imagine what that would mean to business websites, to political websites.  Scullduggery would abound.
How would you like them apples?
I wouldn't. 

There are less draconian laws to address copyright infringment.


Vee said...

Someone's going to have to distill it for me better than that because I still don't get it. Thanks for trying to enlighten your readers.

Vee said...

Orrin Hatch? Princeton? I've often wondered about all the university urls I see on my site meter. I don't think I do scholarly posts, though. You're right, we don't need to kill the mosquito with a shotgun.

running wildly ❀ said...

Huh. I'm thinking about this now.....
Thanks for the info.