Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back in the saddle again...

My new computer is up and running!  Hurrah!
Of course we have not just been sitting around doing nothing during the past week.
Oh no...not at all!
Time to do some catching up.

Picture above from a week ago Tuesday:  An evening hike up above Albion Basin just above the Alta ski resort, about twenty minutes from our house.
We were hiking at about 10,000 feet up.
(Read: huffing and stopping frequently to catch my breath.  And take pictures, of course!)

I still am surprised when I see Indian Paintbrush blooming in a rosy pink shade.
Just posting pictures to be enjoyed....

I'm guessing a child created this small scene with wildflowers picked along the way.

This is the sort of scene where I happily to switch to my wide angle lens for full scenery capture.

The fuzzy  looking lavender colored flowers (a horse mint I believe...) gives off the most wonderful vanilla mint scent in the warm air.

Love it when flowers grow like bouquets.

It was about seven pm when the moon started to rise. I didn't notice it earlier.

Wandering around the field below where we had hiked, thinking I should go back and get the bug spray, but  continue to photograph instead.

When the sun gets low, the flowers just glow.  I kneel down to get the light coming through the flowers.  The mosquitos swarm to get to me...there is a tiny stream running through the meadow so of course the mosquitos are plentiful.

Bernie told me to just go ahead and wander around the meadow for as long as I wanted.

When we started to drive out of the area we passed families getting photographed in the meadows and one bride fighting evening bugs and dust from passing vehicles while being photographed.  Bless her heart....

Of course I should have set up a tripod to get the moon perfectly clear.

By then it was almost nine pm....I was more interested in getting home for dinner than taking more pictures properly!

Well, this first post on the new computer has been interesting, mostly because the new wireless keyboard has a very light touch.  The new system works on Window 7, our old system was Window XP.  The icons at the bottom of the monitor screen keep winking at me and I find that rather distracting.  Ah yes...change is never easy, but since I have lived through several new editions of computers either at home or work, I know in a few weeks this computer soon will be my "new norm".


ellen b. said...

Sigh...what glorious views you had. Love all the meadow flowers. Glad your new computer is up and running...

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You live in one of the prettiest states! I loved all your photographs.

Vicki said...

Ahhhh...I can't believe it's been a year since I wandered around Albion Basin with you! The flowers are astounding! Of course, your camera skills have continued to improve. New camera, new computer...we're all in for big treats ahead! Welcome back!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Enjoy your new normal...the trial run looks just fine!

You did a fine job of capturing the fields of blooms. Beautiful!

At 9 pm you are starting to think about getting home for dinner? Are you on a European schedule?

Vee said...

Wonderful photographs of the wildflowers. I thought I saw some sort of wild spiderwort that is just wonderful...fourth picture. (My computer is so sensitive that I've got your blog open three times I think. Gracious and I see that you've already posted again. ☺)

Thank you for saying that you missed me. I like to think that my gazillion comments in Blogdom are appreciated, but some have found them to be spammy. Listen, my dear, any day that you make it to Maine, I want to know about it. I have no guest bed, but I know a perfectly wonderful Christian B&B overlooking the White Mountains. We could have ourselves some fun, especially if I get fit enough to climb a mountain with you. Huff. Puff.