Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Useful info: Not!

Proof of yesterday's snow, as seen upon our neighbor's apple tree blossoms.

We got about an inch, but it swiftly melted away.
Today is to be re-run of yesterday with gloomy cold wet weather.
Around here we calling this season "The Winter That Will Not Die"

An update on yesterday's post.

Bernie did see the doctor last night.
Take your pick, it may be:

Spider bite

Or ????

Since the foot is slowly doing better, the doctor has decided to wait to see if there is another attack like this one before pursuing additional testing.

(And let's all take a moment here and pray that Bernie never has another attack like this one OK?)

My back is still tweaky but slowly getting better with ice and motion.

Laura is off to the estancia to ride horses and eat carne somewhere in Argentina.
Jeff and Rachel are home; they said they had a fine time in So Cal...and the $1,000 insurance deductible to repair the damage from reversing into a car parked behind them and the loss of an expensive pair of sunglasses at the airport will not be considered against the pleasure of the visit.

Vacation bliss: I am just glad it is over!
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Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

So the unfortunate vacation circumstances were not just reserved for you and Bernie! It will be a trip you won't forget anytime soon.

Snow on apple blossoms looks quite lovely...don't you think?

Vee said...

Snow on blossoms makes for a lovely photo op. That's all it makes for, but one must look on the bright side. I'm just worried about where your weather system is headed next.

The doc is taking a wait and see attitude? Hmmm... Hope that Bernie has him on speed dial.

Glad that your back is better.

Vicki said...

When so much seems to go wrong, it's hard to find the bright spots sometimes. I was just talking to my Laura about her accident (she was in a car accident on Friday the 13th). Even though the other driver was cutting through a restaurant parking lot to avoid a stoplight, Laura wasn't anticipating a driver making an illegal maneuver when she ran into the other driver, so the insurance companies are agreeing it's Laura's fault simply because the local PD decided not to ticket anyone. I'm glad Jeff & Rachel declared the visit to be good despite the circumstances. As for Bernie's toe - we're praying that this was the only time he'll ever suffer like that! I'm glad, too, that your back is getting better...and may this be the last back pain you'll ever experience!

Hey! We can be hopeful...right? :) I'm looking for the GOOD.

Kathy said...

OH, I do pray that Bernie does not have another attack.
You have the snow and we have had the rain.....but today the sun came out in it's joy!

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Those blossoms are so beautiful - even with the snow. I miss trees that blossom. I've got to get out of here and back up to Utah where I'm home.

ellen b. said...

Oh dear...I will pray for Bernie. Snow on apple blossoms, yes it is the winter that won't die!

Anonymous said...

We've had a chilly, rainy Spring as well but the flowers love it. My front yard is a sea of pink (Bloody Cranesbill - awful name but pretty flowers). Thought of you this morning when I spotted a flock of Cedar Waxwings out my kitchen window feasting on neighbor's mulberries.

Miss you!
Kate Q;-)

Lovella ♥ said...

oh my goodness the things I miss when I am busy returning emails instead of reading friends blogs. So. .they are not sure on B's foot. Good grief, you would think there would be blood tests to know these things.
Oh and how I groaned now reading about Jeff and Rachel's back up mishap. Remember the time Terry backed his truck into my trailblazer? Yeowsie! No one needs their vacation to end that way.