Friday, May 20, 2011

See See Sweet!

They're back!  Lazuli buntings are at our feeder and making our 37th day of rain (and snow in the mountains) tolerable.

They have the sweetest song too.  Of course they are a finch, and most finches do sing sweetly.

The understated females arrive at the feeders first, then the guys swoop in.
Wonder if the females yell "Dinner's ready!" and convinced the males that they had cooked up all those delicious seeds?
And look!  Two couples!  Dining with friends.  Isn't that nice?
Apparently they sit together as couples instead of splitting up into girls/guys at the table like so many people tend to do.
(I had forgotten from last year that a group of Lazuli Buntings are called a Mural, or a Decoration, or a Sacrifice. How could I have forgotten those options?)

They would perch in the blossoming apple tree across the way.  My ten time zoom point and shoot couldn't quite pull the tiny three inch bird into sharp focus, but I am hoping to get a better shot today.
Blue birds nestled in white blossoms: Visual bliss!

Another kind of bird popped by...

And one male decided to try the grub at the other bird feeder. He was smart, this ploy gave him a reason to get out of the rain!

I think this post would be incomplete without a link to a recording of the bird's song.
(No funny business with the link like there was in yesterday's post...grin!)

Click HERE  and scroll down half a page to listen to the lovely Lazuli Bunting song.
Like the bird says:  See-see-SWEET


Vicki said...

I think the buntings are one of my favorite birds (along with the cardinal and the eastern blue bird). The lazuli bunting doesn't visit us over here, but the indigo bunting does. The first time I ever noticed them was through my kitchen window (in KY) when I initially thought my kids had scattered blue pieces of paper all over the yard...there were hundreds of buntings flitting and hopping through my yard! Oh, Spooky really enjoyed the bird songs!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Visual bliss...and auditory bliss as well! Enjoy your view.

(Checked out the link...and it was all good.)

Vee said...

What beautiful shades of blue! Funny business yesterday and I missed it? Thirty-seven days of rain or snow? *Splat* Oh my! How do you do survive? You'll be ark people in just three days!

ellen b. said...

What a beauty of a bird! I'm glad you got to see them during the dreary weather. Love the tweet also!!

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh we are woken every morning by the songs of the finch. Our hedges are just full of them. We don't have such pretty ones though.

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Well you just know I had to try it. Hank is laying by my feet sleeping so I turned on a bird call. He looked at me - got up and shood on his honches and then laid back dow and went to sleep.

Total party pooper!