Monday, April 18, 2011


Funny....I was talking to Bernie about a statement that my friend Marie sent me on Facebook:

From the book "Queen of My Own Life"


Repeat after us:
 "I only have enough room in my head for supportive thoughts.
The rest of you will just have to leave.

So sayeth the Queen."

Just as I finished up musing about making that "Shoo!" concept be a guide for this year of my life, we drove past this sign.
Well, too bad!
I still say "Shoo!" to all memories and thought that really are just dragging me back instead of allowing me to enjoy the present moment.
To those who have injured my feelings, invaded my boundaries with unkind intent, demanded that I agree with their agendas or submit to their view of how things should be:  I am choosing to mentally forgive, offer grace to them for whatever brought them to the place that they acted as they did consciously or unconsciously and then I say "Shoo!" to the whole ordeal and move back to NOW and happy memories.

Those memories when I have flubbed up, or flat out failed or acted in ways that I regret, I ask God for forgiveness, forgive myself and then to the memory I say "Shoo!" 
To mental meandering which lead to comparisons between myself and others that result in unflattering assessments of what I can not change...I say "Shoo!"

Thanks for that statement Marie!
(And I think I really want to read that whole book!)

This was Sunday afternoon, and we were going to our second hike of the weekend, this time to Lamb's Canyon.
It is a canyon on the way to Park City and really is just over the hill.  The canyon trail can be accessed from either the top of Mill Creek or from the other side of the hill via Parley's Canyon.

The snow pack on the side of the road was high enough that we couldn't see the trail at all.
After climbing over that we spied the bridge over the stream that led to the trail.
A four foot high two foot wide snow pack covered the bride. Would it hold us or collapse and dump us into the stream?
Bernie left the decision to me.
I decided the worst that could happen would be a slip into the stream and then a quick ride back home to the hot tub.
Let's GO for it!

Worth it!
Bird's nest on tree tops that now were at eye level.

How much deeper was the bottom of the tree?

I have no idea!

We debated whether we were following moose tracks or elk tracks on the trail.

And wondered about the body like print in the snow. How did the animal bound out of that landing?

The spores were almost a foot deep in the snow and as you can see by the tip of my hiking sticks, each print was about the size of my hand.  Where ever the animal went through low limbs the ground was littered with shed fur too.

It was quite warm out and the snow was pretty mushy.  Today it is raining and I imagine the trail will soon be mostly mud and not very appealing until later in summer.

We agreed that this animal was sauntering along the trail and not running, but we don't know what kind of animal it was.
Not a pet dog; no human foot prints were on the trail besides ours.

Any guesses?  It was about palm of hand sized.

The stream beside the trail was making the perfect level of running water sound; not so loud as to make you wonder if it was going to wash away anything but loud enough to be a pleasant sound.

We got about a mile up the mountain before it got just too deep to continue without snowshoes.  A great workout and I can't wait to hike it again this summer.

Saturday's hike was up to where we had camped last summer.  Check out that street lamp post!

The sign reads "One Lane".
Now if we can only tell where the lane actually is under all that snow...

That day I was snowshoeing.  I didn't use my snowshoes on Sunday as walking across the snow packed bridge was hairy enough in regular boots.

There's a tad bit of snow in the campground right now.  Should be all gone by July...

Notice the jacket tied at my waist?  I got hot and regretted wearing silks, turtleneck and jacket for the day. It was nearly 60 degrees in the sunshine.
More like summer than winter, but then again it was actually spring, so who could possible know what one should wear anyway.
Almost free skiing!  Our half day two for one pass cost us $6 to access the area.
Another cheap date with my guy!


Vicki said...

What fun! That book sounds great! There are many things to which I'd like to say, "SHOO!"

That's an awful lot of snow! No guess on that big you have bears in the area? Wolves?

Vee said...

I like the whole concept of "Shoo," but, pray tell, in what context is it meant skiing? I must Google. While you guys may enjoy a cheap date, you sure have interesting ones.

ellen b. said...

Enjoyed your shoo philosophy!
Oh my goodness now that is deep snow! love the nest sweet.

Lovella ♥ said...

Wow that is amazing ...I feel quite jealous of a quick get away to go shooing.
I loved that quote from your friend Marie. Maybe I should read the book too ..if I find time.

That snow. .is just unbelievable. The rivers will be running fast between now and July.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said... definitely got your monies worth! Beautiful.

Kathy said...

Wow that looks like fun! Did you 'shoo' Bernie all the way along? We had great plans this winter, but the day never was seized.....wa wa!