Friday, March 18, 2011

The Flower Fairies must be out there somewhere....

 I think with the cheery blossoms blooming in my yard it is time to post a few more pages from my Flower Fairies book.

The clever use of flower form and color to adorn the illustrated fairies charms me the most.
(The little boy fairy reminds me of a wee lad who is currently visiting his grandmother in Florida...except for the ears, of course!)

There was a time when the ability to recite apt poetry at will was a much admired ability.
Lots of us can manage a line or two from the Walt Whitman's Daffodil poem; wouldn't it be fun to be able to say a poem about crocus too?

Love the line "Each with a flame in its shining cup".

(You can bet that if had a grand about the garden I would be sure to help them know the poem by heart too...)

Another clever costume...

Heart's-ease, Wild Pansy, Jump-up-and-kiss-me...I always called them Johnny Jump-ups.
This poem seems a tad more challenging; the second verse works best IMHO.

I am looking closely at my crocus...I can see "the flame in the shining cup", but haven't spied a fairy just yet though.

My poor little Heart's Ease looks more like a "Jump Up and Nibble Me" to me.
It was probably bit by a slug fairy.
Yeah...I've seen a lot of those!

(I've spent the morning clearing out garden beds of winter's fallen leaves and sticks, and trimmed back some dead foliage to reveal the beginnings of bleeding heart, oriental poppy and sedeum amidst the tulip and daffodil sprouts.  Spring may not officially calendar in until Monday, but I have jumped the gun and switched out my fall/winter china for my spring/summer set, changed the living room pillow covers and am tackling some mending.  The morning sun which spurred me into the garden has now changed to bluster; rain is in the forecast, otherwise I would be getting after our murky windows too.  Got to remember to pace myself; snow is often part of our late March and April, and sometimes even makes an appearance in May.) 


Vee said...

Your book is charming. I'm sure that you just haven't looked long enough or closely enough to find the flower fairies. I'm still amazed that you are finding so much out there in your garden. Enjoy your weekend and, if it doesn't rain, don't forget to look at the amazing moon.

ellen b. said...

Strange but true I'm looking forward to mowing the lawn for the first time this Spring. Will just need a couple dry days before I can do that...Love your Spring header and the pretty flowers...

Vicki said...

I do see a strong resemblance (minus the pointy-ears, of course!). It's funny...Johnny Jump-Ups happen to be my Laura's favorite flower, too.

I wish you could hear the giggles I'm hearing right now! That little pixie adores his Poppy! :)