Thursday, March 17, 2011

As Usual....on St. Patrick's Day

If it is St.Patrick's Day, you can be sure of a couple of things around our house.
Our Irish Lass will be out on the mantle, and the little leprechaun on my sidebar will be found someplace too.
It is a simple task to make up the mantle; the doll, some 'tatties (which is our nickname for wee Tate as well), crystal candle holders and sometimes a bit of lace too.

Keeping it simple:  Two tiny vases get filled using what was currently blooming in the garden yesterday, and bit of yew balances the mantle along with another tattie.

What is this that I spied the garden today?
There it was spearing up from the ground by the steps to the lower lot; it definitely was NOT there yesterday!

The dwarf iris are blooming!
The whole blossom would barely cover a match book, yet it is so very detail rich.

The tight bud shows the vein design to come, but gives no hint of the flower's eventual structure.

Another surprise:  Yesterday we had only purple, yellow and golden crocus to enjoy.
Today the white ones are rising up, seemingly beribboned about with purple trim, and still with grains of earth clinging about.

The plain purple buds seem rather subdued by comparison.

Nevertheless, I am quick to kneel down and give its purple loveliness its due.

The bedazzling dewdrops adorn the simple color, adding the element of jewels to the design.

Bernie mentions that some of his potted plants are blooming in the downstairs bath.
I go in to see what he has been growing.
Indeed, the pink geranium in blossoming nicely!

I mist them and photograph them for Bernie.

His bonsai bougainvillea is blooming inside as well.
The light coming through the frosted bathroom window shines though the paper-ish petals.

The papery pink petals surround the triad of blossoms that are still in bud.

I am finding the softness provided by macro lens photograph to be quite pleasing to me.
The pictures take on less of a documentary style and more of a mood and artistic flair.

The buds are still quite tightly closed; I will watch and wait for them to open and reveal the plant's tiny white true flower.


The backside of an "Aunt Lu" begonia leaf; the begonia  from a cutting that we carried from Houston, that originally came from San Diego.

Just for comparison, I photographed the dwarf iris in regular close up mode.
I can get in the entire flower, but also get  focused background in the shot as well.
Very documentary...not quite so interpretive or artistic.

I guess it just depends if I wish to see my world in sharp focus...

Like this....

Or focus on just part of my world at a time, and allow the rest of the world remain in a bit of dreamy haze.

I must say: it is nice when photographing to now have that choice.
Wonder how such an option could be found for the rest of my life.
Oh well...


ellen b. said...

Ahh yes it would be nice to have that option sometimes. Such pretty promising flowers on display here today. Love it...

Vee said...

These flowers are blooming inside and outside? Wow that's quick. I thought you folks had as much snow as we have here...nay, more. The photography, whether dreamy or just as it is looks great.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said... are having way too much fun with that lens! I love that last pic...well, all of them, actually.

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh your last thought says it all perfectly. Wonderful macro shots. It has me looking for macro ops as well.