Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sunday: A Day of Rest

Frenchie (with her slight wall eye) is getting drowsy.

It was nine degrees out there this morning...she took a quick spin around the deck and came right back inside.

Out in the cold...then out cold.

Hart stayed inside, downstairs on the electric warming throw blanket.

He can't think of anything that needs to be done.

Maybe Bernie will come downstairs and watch some TV later with Hart.
Right now he is out CC skiing in Mill Creek.
Later Bernie needs to sand and stain some base mouldings for our hallway.
Hart may be out of luck for a lap to sleep in today.

Tate was scootering around early-early this morning, playing pounce on anything and everything.

It may be cold outside but the sun is shining into the office window where a perfect nap spot has been claimed.


Bitsy is soooo tired she can't even work up enough energy to tuck in her pink tongue.

She doesn't like to close her eyes either.
When her eyes are closed, no one can admire her beautiful blue eyes.

A "movie star in day dream" pose works for her napping right now.

The next time I look around, naps are being taken in new places.
Frenchie is cuddling up against Bitsy's favorite frog feet.

(Are you starting to feel just a tad sleepy too after looking at these pictures?)

I sure am....

I think Frenchie's white spot between her eyes is like an Indian jeweled bindi.  Someday while she is asleep I am going to stick a sticky backed jewel on her right there.

Our very own version of The Princess and the Frog.
Bitsy loves to cuddle up with the Christmas frog.

I don't think she is going to ever kiss him though. 
She thinks the Frog is perfect just the way he is.

Taking a nap with the Frog watching out for that is just the thing for real relaxing sleep.

A Sunday nap: A truly fine way to spend the first Sunday afternoon of the New Years.
A day of rest...and cats have deep belief in the importance of taking Sabbath rest.
Along with taking a rest every other day of the week too.


Lucy (aka RHarper) said...

Frenchie is like looking at Hank. They sure look alike. Beautiful photos. And cats!

Lovella ♥ said...

Such a valuable lesson from the cats. I just roused myself from a wee cat nap. . .trying not to ruin my nights sleep tonight. .again.

Great photography! Must have been fun.

Vicki said...

Miss Spooky simply will not allow herself to be photographed like that. She either turns away or runs away. I suppose she's still embarrassed about being so gaunt. She's still trying to regain her weight from her illness. However, she rules when it comes to cat naps. She nagged Doc this morning until he moved from her favorite sleeping spot!

I'm amazed at how big the kittens have gotten - Tate has lost his kittenish features and almost looks mature ( any Orange Cat every really mature??). They're all beautiful (yes, Hart, even you!).

Sara said...

The Christmas frog does look quite comfortable to cozy up to. Yes, I am feeling so eyelids are getting so heavy.....ZZZZZZZZZZZ!