Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Alike but different too: This morning's snowflakes and a total flake a few days ago .

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Lovella ♥ said...

Oh those are so delicate and captured so well.

Sara said...

Amazing to see the snowflakes so individually and clearly1

ellen b. said...

LOL...and they say there isn't a God.
Look at those snowflakes! Amazing...

Vicki said...

I'm amazed at the size and detail of the snowflakes. The ones I'm used to seeing in KY were so tiny, you couldn't see the detail without magnification. One snowfall we experienced in the NC mountains consisted of snow that reminded me of those styrofoam beads you find in "beanbag" chairs.

Oh, have you considered getting a balaclava? My niece in Alberta swears by them, especially since she pretty much lives in the outdoors. She also adds goggles over her glasses.

Kathie said...

Such gorgeous pictures - looks like you were having lots of fun!!