Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Thanksgiving in San Diego: Random Moments

So what is Thanksgiving weekend really like in San Diego?
I found color walking around my in-laws garden, checking out the oranges and persimmons fruiting in front of bougainvillea.

More color to be found by just going out for Mexican food in Old Town, where The Festival of the Kings is a big deal.

Greens and browns cactus, in graying whiskey barrels...

Fire glow and amber lights flickering colors in a patio darkness.

Turquoise, greens, clays and gray line up on a slick shore rock surface.

While the bluest skies share space with both white and gray clouds, and a many yellow toned tower at the ocean's edge.

Blue skies tickled by sun kissed green palms.

Look for colors that could inspire a dream room...
Colors that leak and drip from stone.

Colors are there, everywhere you look.

From the neon pink sunset we saw on our flight layover in Phoenix...

To the golden clouds of sunrise on our flight back home...
We saw a minor miracle view as we flew in to Los Angeles Sunday morning..

Can you see the miracle?  Maybe you have to be from So Cal to "get" it.)

Then, just like that...we were back to the land of white and winter!
(last few pictures taken via my cell phone camera.  Um..quality not quite so good, but my SLR camera was packed away for the flight.)


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! What? No smog in Los Angeles? A miracle, in deed! Love you both! Mom S.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

No smog is a miracle, but I was noticing the lack of traffic on the freeway!

Vee said...

Is the miracle not much traffic? (Oh, yes, it was! I didn't peek honest.)

Love your photographs...they are just spectacular no matter what the subject. So have you found the colors for your dream room yet?

Vicki said...

The lack of traffic is what I wondered about. We're so accustomed to heavy traffic in Tampa and Orlando and when we have long gaps of no cars, we begin to wonder what warning or announcement we may have missed! I also wondered if the lack of fog or smog was the miracle you hinted at.

I love the way you wrapped up the trip...not only is San Diego (and your photography) colorful, your prose is, too! :)

ellen b. said...

That is an amazingly empty freeway!!
Yes...I get it.
Love all your great color photos!

Islandsparrow said...

I noticed the lack of traffic - and I'm from an area where 6 cars at a light is a major tie up :)

Love the oranges on the tree - I imagine they smell divine!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Your photography is exceptional. I never visited San Diego so I enjoyed seeing every single picture. Thank you for taking the time to photograph your trip and then sharing it with us. Great post!

Sara said...

Being a So Cal gal, of course I instantly knew what you were referring to...I shared your minor miracle with the musician....he replied, "That's a MAJOR miracle, not a minor one!"