Thursday, December 09, 2010

Decking Outdoors: Done!

Mr. B and me donned our down jackets, hats and gloves and finished the outside decorating last night.
He had put the lights up on the eaves and lamp post last weekend; together added lights to the ground level areas.
I do believe we have the most festive abode in the neighborhood.
The snow on the front lawn helps with the whole holiday cheer effect.
The basket by the front door has cinnamon scented pine cones, some gilded and sparkled with white glitter.
It is a full on multi-sensory experience outside my house.
Added fun: Color changing LED tea lights tucked into snow igloos along the walkway.
I've always wanted to try this idea, but it had always been suggested on decorating sites as having a real candle inside the snowballs. 
That would be a bit trickier to manage each evening; the LED tea lights will last longer with no heat, are safer, and change colors too!
Love it!  
(I found them at the Orange big box store while we were getting a few more light strands.)

Rudy the Regular Nosed Iron Reindeer is barely up to his ankles in snow right now.
You might recall seeing him up to his nose in snow last year in April... 
(You can also see the lighted igloos behind the lamp if you look carefully.)
Inside: FOCIT Tate is polishing his posing skills. 
I traditionally place a red basket with green trim out on our hearth to fill with Christmas cards and letters.
He took one look at it and decided that this was just the perfect napping place.

He's going to outgrow this basket in another day or two.
Actually I think he is a tad too big for it now.
(Us grown up kitties enjoyed a ruby red Cosmo. Such a pretty drink.)
Hmmm....I sure hope I don't have to fight Frenchie for my drink.  Last thing I need is a Lynx Point Snowshoe Siamese lush in the house.
Yup, I think Tate has got "Posing" down pat.
I'm giving him an "A+" in posing in fact.

Bernie had taken him outside for a bit, and we had let him touch snow for the very first time. 
Snuggling by the fire made him a lot more happy.
Snoozing on the electric warming throws with Bitsy works good too.


Sara said...

You made me laugh...actually, snort with laughter...more than once with your cat comments! The house looks very festive.

Vicki said...

Your house looks so festive! The snow is a definite plus. The lit up houses around here appear to be missing I know what it is. I love the clever idea of the igloos and the tea lights. I wonder how I could put those to use? I wonder if our local orange store has any left. Hmmm...I hear another shopping outing...

Tate is nearly ready for his own blog...that fellow has the looks and the personality and the charm. Perhaps I should pull out my basket-weaving tools and make him a bigger basket?

Vee said...

The house looks great! You two make a great team and I'm sure that your neighbors will thank you. Every time I look out my kitchen window I'm thanking my neighbors (if I see them, I'll say so in person). Poor kitty...have you no larger basket? Ha!

Marg said...

Everything looks ready. And it is dazzling, and you have complements the whole festive season.
Stop by and can sip together...Slowly we're adding all the touches, or I mean, I have some little elves helping me, where as it looks like your have your elf also demanding attention...I love that cute.

ellen b. said...

Everything looks wonderful. That kitty in the basket is too funny! Now pass me a cosmo and no one gets hurt!!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Thanks for the advice. I am so looking forward to the finished product! Love the lights and the snow pictures are beautiful! Wish I were there to enjoy it. Kitty was sure trying to curl up in that basket. Cute! Jackie

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh Christmas lights look so much prettier with snow to set them off. We've got our lights strung around the house but with no snow. . .it isn't yet post worthy.
I am laughing at your OC...what a hoot with the basket shrinking day by day.