Sunday, December 19, 2010

A random sampling

A White Wedding Day: we didn't have one.
Our Christmas season wedding was in La Jolla where the sky was clear and while the weather was brisk for a seaside village, the topical vibe was stronger than any kind of White Christmas dreaming.
This anniversary (our 34th) balanced that tropical wedding day with white, white, white Christmas dreaming anniversary coming true all about us.
A white horse awaited my hero...(who wisely stuck to carrying me away in our white all wheel drive Subaru instead.)

We went to Midway, the town that had the amazing ice sculptures last year. 
The display will be repeated this year; currently the ice sculptures are just being started.
We'll drop by again in a month or so to see the finished creations.

We chased down a field to see where hot springs flowed freely in the snowy weather.
The really exciting moment was when a white weasel with a black tipped tail ran cross the road in front of us. I had never seen a winter white coated weasel before. 
It just happened so fast that I didn't even get a chance to take a picture. Drat!

Bernie spotted the wild turkey flock foraging along side the freeway. He drove back so we could take some pictures.

Another "first" for me.

The "puck-puck" and "obble obble" turkey calls were loud enough that I could hear them with the car window down.

The fence, the snow, the whole scene was magical for me.

Thought of you Dad. 
I don't think you could have called them in any closer, but I'm sure we would have had a wild turkey for dinner if you had been there.

The Park City ski run was right across from our time share in the center of town. 
We went for a walk before dinner to check out a few of the town's art galleries.

A romantic winter couple snuggling beneath a blanket of snow.
(...must be kinda cold doing that cuddling naked and all....)

Inside the gallery a tropical scene.  The fish looked so real!

Lots to look at...while the calf looked at us.

I could imagine collecting the dress painting series to decorate a walk in closet or dress shop.

Back outside: the multi hued cottages upon the hillside had a lot of charm, especially with snow topped roofs.

When it started to get dark the city's lights switched on.

Our anniversary dinner: Back to Shabu, where we had dined during our last visit to Park City.
Bernie's appetizer was ginger and chicken dim sum.

I went with duck comfit.  Isn't that middle shell like salad plate cute?

I couldn't resist getting the short ribs in a cherry sauce, and corn bread. 
I like photographing meals to get ideas on how to creatively plate food.
Sesame seeds sure add a lot of visual interest very quickly.

Bernie went with a New York steak, with mushrooms and a potato creation.  Also yummmm....
(Added fun: we were able to use a coupon from, where it is possible to buy a $25 restaurant gift certificate for $2 right now.  If you haven't checked the website out, you might want to right now while the "special" pricing is available.  It is possible to search nationally for restaurant names by zip code and the certificates do not expire.  We stocked up on some of our favorite local restaurants.)

Walking back to our timeshare we came upon Santa leaving the Irish bar...

The sidewalks were VERY slick; snow showers had alternated with rain showers.  I had worn my Uggs, a mistake as the soles are pretty smooth.  I didn't fall but it was pretty slippy out there.

The colored lights really made the place look festive.

Trees were lit with colors at every turn.
Bernie and "real guy" blue seemed just right together.

More later!


ellen b. said...

Beautiful, beautiful and more beautiful. Looks like a wonderful getaway Jill! The food looks amazing. Fun to see the wild turkeys. I don't think I've ever seen a weasel let alone a white one!
Congratulations again on your anniversary.

Lovella ♥ said...

Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple.
OH the trek out to Park City looks like it was wonderful and the sites once you arrived none less. Your photos were just wonderful. .I sighed and sighed some more.
Congratulations on 34 years of committment.

running wildly said...

I'm just stopping and salivating at the's all I can focus on.

Lucy (aka RHarper) said...

I love Park City. There's not a bad season to be there in the whole year. Photos are so great. Nature at is finest.

Sara said...

Seeing the snowflakes falling in many of your photos is wonderful....those turkeys looked gorgeous against the snow...and I never imagined I'd be saying a wild turkey is gorgeous! Happy Anniversary to you two...

Vee said...

Oh what a lovely anniversary trip. Happy anniversary to you both! (I thought for a minute there that Bernie had suited up as Santa.) Your photographs are spectacular as always. I especially enjoyed the wild turkeys.

Dawn said...

So much I like about this post..,
The turkeys...the couple under the snow blanket...the village...
All good!