Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A few more random anniversary pictures and Global Warming!

We had to make a run near Bridal Veil Falls.  The snowy stripes were so cool.

The falls were frozen, just as we expected.

Remember seeing this same scene in blazing fall colors? 
The colors will be back...although it is hard to believe it seeing the current icy state.

Some people actually climb frozen water falls.
Some people are crazy.
Just sayin'...

Nice neat snow stripes went on and on...

So what all did we do from Thursday evening until Sunday morning?
Ate dinner at a Southern style restaurant. 
Shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes, sweet potato fries, pull pork sandwich.
It was OK...Vicki and Doc sent me photos of their meal with similar menu items that they had in Savannah Georgia on Sunday.  
Yeah, I don't think Utah "southern" can hold a candle to Savannah southern cooking.
I count myself blessed to have had many opportunities to indulge in Southern food. 

(Take five seconds now to feel sorry for yourself if you have not had any opportunity to do the same.  Sad.  OH so sad...)

We watched a Bollywood movie that had lots and lots of teary guys in it.  It was all about family, and parental love and approval, separation from family, reuniting with family.  Tears and more tears. Those Indian guys sure know how to cry.
We had shrimp and grits left overs from the doggie bag the next morning.  Oh is that ever delicious for breakfast!
We ran home and fed the cats. (An advantage going away just 20 minutes from home.)
Went out for pancakes.
We ran over to Cabellas to pick up Bernie's repaired fishing rod and to buy  me snow repellent hiking boots.
(Happy Anniversary!)
We followed our noses around the area, got lost in Provo, got back to Park City and had ??? for dinner. We can't remember! 
This is why I blog, just so I have a half of chance of remembering stuff we did later on.

We read the paper and loafed, chatted about small things, and stared at the snow outside.  I loved that the fireplace had windows over it!
In fact now I want a similar fireplace in our bedroom at home. And one in the bathroom too.  And the kitchen...
Sometimes I just get carried away with my "wants", it will pass in a day or two.

Eventually it was Saturday night and we went for dinner and window shopping.
On Sunday we checked out at 11 am and the snow really started to come down.
We drove by the wreath trimmed white barn beside the main highway. It is sort of a landmark, in fact most folks call it the Park City Barn.  It is a white barn, and looks lovely in all seasons, but especially nice at Christmas time.

We pulled over to admire a snowy nativity scene.
Today as I write this, the scene is very likely buried in the 20 inches of snow that fell up there on Monday.
Oh no!  Quick, somebody go rescue baby Jesus!

We counted the weekend to be well spent.  
Another wonderful anniversary, and as we were have noticed before, each year seems to get a little bit better.
Of course compared to the years when we were poor and wrangling two strong willed children, we both agreed that life really is nicer when one has extra money and an empty nest.
Just sayin'...and I don't think we are the only middle aged couple to notice that.

It was a great kick off to my two weeks vacation from work.
On Monday the nearby ski resorts had so much snow they were shut down; workers couldn't get to work and avalanche control was being done most of the day.
A web cam that shows rising snow levels streamed pictures of the measuring stick marking the snow level right up until the web cam itself got buried!
Today the snow is falling lightly but steadily, just the way I like it.
So much of the world is getting snow!
Last night I read that Australia, in their "dead of summer" got ankle high snow drifts yesterday!
The UK is basically shut down with lines for trains stretching 1.2 miles, as airports and roads are closed.
Donner pass is shut down in the Cascades.
Colorado is to get "epic" snowfall this week.
There is flooding and mudslide in Southern California and more storms are streaming in.  Rainfall records have been smashed for the area.
Remember the year 2000 article declaring that snow was a thing of the past?  Silly scientists.  Now articles are hinting that an ice age will be upon us soon.  
Yawn...I heard that one back when I was just a girl.
Personally I think the volcano eruptions are the real reason for this intensified snowfall.  Each time there has been major eruptions the world had long snowy winters.  Why should it be any different this time?
I do realize that there are plenty of places that have little expectation of a White Christmas this year.
Come back tomorrow.
I will be taking a walk through a gorgeous winter wonderland!


Vee said...

Silly scientists indeed...they've got all the "science sense" of a gnat. Thanks for the opportunity to vent. :D

Noooo, I don't think you are the first couple to realize that extra money and time and an empty nest can be pure joy.

Love that big white barn!

ellen b. said...

Love that barn and church nativity scene! Oh yes I can agree with the ease of celebration now that the children are on their own. I too have to blog to remember...
Your photos were all spectacular.

Sara said...

All that gorgeous snow!

Yes, it has been raining with nary a break for five days now here....our world is quite sodden, but it still looks like autumn in my neighborhood with lawns covered in golden, red, maroon leaves on this, the Winter Solstice.

La Tea Dah said...

Happy anniversary! You and Bernie are a year ahead of us --- unlike you, we did have a snowy wedding day, just days after Christmas! So snowy, in fact, that some were unable to come to the wedding because of impassable roads. Blessings to you and many more happy years ahead.

I loved the Park City and surrounding area photos. A few winters past, we traveled though that way during a winter storm. We made it safely through, but saw vehicle after vehicle hit the ditch!
Beautiful country (but I do love it in less snowy conditions best; beautiful in summer and winter).

Regarding your post to my GH blog --- enjoyed your pondering. To carry your thought one step further, maybe each cacti represents one part of the Trinity --- thus the three varieties which altogether represent one God.

On an incidental note, Jill, I bought another one at Lowes recently --- that blooms RED (my other is pink). Right now all the Christmas plants are 50% off, making it an excellent buy. For some reason, I am enjoying this plant variety quite a lot (as a child my grandmother grew them, so in the past I have always considered them an old lady plant --- I wonder what that is saying about me! LOL!).

Merry Christmas!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Oh...what beautiful snow pic's. Love the Park City barn...and the snowy nativity scene!

I'm smiling about why you blog...so you have half a chance of remembering where you were and what you did. I still must go look up the name of the national park adjacent to Yellowstone...the name escapes me! I know I blogged it.