Friday, October 22, 2010

Mail Call!

This was waiting for me at my local post office the other day.

A hand stitched and sealing waxed sealed package! I had never gotten anything like this in the mail before.

Imagine using fabric and your hand sewing skills the next time you want to mail a package.

The package was from Mumbai.
You know where Mumbai is don't you?
(It is the largest city in India. You should know that. I confess, I didn't until just recently.)

The full address includes the words "Behind Basant Cinema.
Imagine having to clarify your return address by mention another significant address!
Inside the goods were carefully wrapped in plastic then in Hindi scripted newspaper.
I wondered what the headlines said.

What had I received?
Three kurti from Uma.
She is the person I communicate with online via ebay to order kurti that catch my eye. We have a friendly relationship, which blossomed after she asked if it was OK to address me as "Jill".
I wrote back that I was so happy with the kurti that I had received, that Uma could call me "Happy Jill".
And so that is how I am now addressed. These two kurti were selected by Uma with me in mind; I had ordered one kurti and Uma suggested that I consider these two as well.
I glad Uma did make the suggestion, quite respectfully and with the request that I forgive if Uma was being too forward.
The cotton fabric is hand printed and the beadwork on the sleeves, hem and collar are all hand done.
The cost of this kurti: $14 USD.

This kurti: Same cost.

Check out all the hand bead work, cuff stitching and fabric piecing.
I wore the kurti to work on Wednesday; it was more comfortable than wearing a tee shirt!

People were stopping me to comment on how gorgeous the top was, and where did I get it.

I told them:

I got it from a little shop behind the Basant cinema in Mumbai.

For $14.

(In the same package was my original order: a georgette kurti with full sequin work on yoke. It was a tad more expensive:

How could I resist?
I couldn't...which is why I have this style kurti in two colors now! Black slacks/skirt and a flesh colored camisole and it works for an extremely comfortable and eye catching date night outfit. I just rinse it in cold water and hang it to dry. Easy upkeep, but I could dry clean it if I wanted to.

(Feel free to shop at Stylish Kurtis. Just remember the bust/bra measurement is NOT your Kurti measurement. Add at least 4 inches to your measurement or better yet, measure the across the flat garment bustline of your most comfortable top, then double that number. I have a 40 inch bust due to a broad back, but wear a 48 in Kurtis.

Stylish Kurtis does take pay pal, just email Uma, say hi from me and ask to be billed via paypal. I've ordered from the shop several times and have an excellent experience dealings with them.)


Vicki said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I guess the first thing I need to do is set up a PayPal account, huh? :)

RH (aka Lucy) said...

I love it. Can I get in on that friendship? :)))

Vee said...

You look terrific in that top! Glad that you found the shop behind the cinema in Mumbai.

ellen b. said...


Lovella ♥ said...

How absolutely fantastic. ..the local stores here would never sell it that inexpensively. ..and the colors are amazing.
She seems like such a lovely girl to deal with too.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What fun...and what beautiful tops! Good price + good service = Happy Jill.

Sara said...

I've seen your kurtis in person (not these newest ones however) and they are gorgeous. What a special way for them to arrive. I love that newspaper too....foreign script always looks so artistic to me.

Marg said...

I learned something new, as I often do as I stop by my blogging friends.
I did not know what a kurti was...It is very fashionable and looks fantastic with the slimmer pants or tights or whatever...
You suit it to a tee.

Pam said...

They are gorgeous-thanks for sharing

Pondside said...

How lovely! The Kurti suits you perfectly!