Sunday, September 26, 2010

Park City Getaway 2010

It really is a pity to have a time share for a whole week in a really great place like Park City and not be able to get away to use it.
Bernie had to be in the Houston area during the first part of our time share week so unless I wanted to go alone up alone, the place would sit empty.

We tried to get family and friends to use the time, and even offered it to our church for use by anyone who wanted to get away.
No takers. Oh well....

Bernie got home Wednesday; I got off work at 3 on Thursday, and then together we raced over the hill to at least get some time in up there.
So how much fun were we able to squeeze in between 4 o'clock on Thursday afternoon and 10 am Saturday morning?

A bunch!

Thursday night was Mexican food at our favorite restaurant, (with margaritas...yes, the mini vacation was off to a good start!)

Thursday night we started watching a Bollywood movie, then as soon as it was dark we went to use the telescope to scope out Jupiter.

Friday morning was shopping: Yes, the Tanger outlet center had some amazing deals on Crocs (I got five pairs of sandals, dress shoes and even slide high wedge heels!) and bras.

Like most ladies, I hate bra shopping; this time the sales girl was amazingly helpful and I for once got comfortable well fitting bras (buy two, get one free no less!)

What a treat not to have to keep trying and trying and trying different sizes and brands to get a winner!

Bernie waited for me as I shopped, so naturally I was most agreeable to the idea that later in the day he play golf while I checked out all the galleries in Old Park City.

Check out this piece of art above. I saw the original piece. Can you guess the media the artist used?

Answer at end of this post!
I had always wanted to drive around the historic residential area behind the Main downtown area.
Ski town fencing is fabulous don't you think?

Houses that were built in the late 1800's have been revamped within criteria to match the historic flavor of the area.

Cute, cute, cute...

Some of the buildings have been re-purposed.

While others continue on with their original mission.

(Did you notice that the church had stain glass columbine designs in the window above the doors?)

A few slightly modern houses must have been grandfathered in to the area's Historic designation code. The view from that room must be amazing, especially in the snow.

Who doesn't love a sweet yellow house with picket fences and gingerbread trim?

I laughed at this house: apparently I am not the only person who occasionally says "Oh what the heck, let's just use all the colors we like!" instead of going with the typical neutral palette that is so pervasive in modern house coloring.

The tin roof and the extra painting detailing on the trim makes this house a standout to me.
I especially like the trim around the the single storybook sweet is that?

I'm thinking this house escaped from New Orleans with that fussy iron work fence.

I like it "as is" for now, but wouldn't it be prettier in the snow if it was painted black?

A touch of fall color, and a broom at the ready to sweep the leaves away...but not just yet. I think the leaves add to the charm of this house.

I do hope they put big Christmas lights up on this house, the old fashioned kind, and in the traditional multicolor mix to shine in the snow.
There will be snow...and plenty of it in this town.
(That's a ski lift running behind this house by the way.)
I think I liked this door the best. A red door, of any shade, always seems so welcoming!

Notice the prize ribbon hanging inside the grapevine wreath: the town has a yearly judging for historic preservation efforts.

This house must have won a prize in some category.
What nice porches to pass away a lazy fall or summer day.
I wouldn't mind spending a snowy winter day in that bay window area either!
It is so neat to see pride in the historic aspects of a place.
Park City: You are doing it right!

(The Mona Lisa was a huge wall sized piece of art created using spools of sewing thread.
The artist took a photograph of various famous paintings, then zoomed in on them until the photograph pixelated.
She then selected thread colors to match the squares in the pixelation, recreating the picture upside down.
The picture was then to be viewed through a crystal globe, which resulted in the image being recreated right side up, and no longer pixelated.
Is it art?
Is it wonderful?
Is it crazy?
Is this, at last, the perfect way to use up all those left over spools of threads in a "green" guilt-free manner?
I think Yes, to all of the above!


ellen b. said...

What a great tour! Love all those houses. My kids really enjoyed Park City when they visited earlier this year. Now my daughter and her Marine are headed your way to visit his mom and sister. Glad you were able to enjoy some of your time share...

Lovella ♥ said...

oh wow. ..such a great town. I love all those houses. . .any one of them would work for me.. . although the story book one really touched my aww button.
OH. .the artwork. .crazy . .who thinks of these things. I feel suddenly very boring.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Thanks for taking us on the Park City tour...wonderful buildings.

I'm guessing you made up for lost time at your 'time share' and packed it all in!

Islandsparrow said...

Very interesting houses! I agree with you - the fence would look be very striking painted black against the snow.

I never would have guessed spools of sewing thread.

(way to score on 3 "foundational garments" as my mother would say!)