Monday, September 27, 2010

Park City Getaway 2010 continued

While I was walking around Old Park City, I spotted this restaurant and made a mental note that I would like to give it a try.

Later when I picked Bernie up from his golf game, he said he had played with a PC resident who recommended we go to Shabu for dinner.

Isn't that a fun co-incident?

We walked in, and I was immediately pleased with the atmosphere.

Orange walls: I love orange walls!

And I thought the wall hanging in the entry way was a very clever way to display a shell collection.

Usually I don't pay much attention to the drink menu, let alone a Martini list.
But we couldn't pass up "Friday Martini Madness"...especially with such interesting selections.
I went with the Jupiter Cosmo.
(Had to, don't you think, to celebrate the recent Jupiter moons sightings.)
Bernie went with a Green Dragon.
Oh so light and delicious!
Behind where we sat was the most creative light fixture I had ever seen. Several of the larger shells were lit, creating a golden sunset glow about the area.

Our appetizer: Something new for us: Blistered Green Beans: here's a similar recipe.

Delicious! (The dish we had had peanuts instead of sesame seeds though, and no chili sauce.)

We took quite awhile deciding on our main course. So many yummy possibilities.
Bernie went with Blacked Cod in sweet miso sauce.
I had Short Ribs in a Oriental sauce, corn bread drizzled with miso, and watermelon, jicama and red bell pepper slaw. Every mouthful was an amazing experience!

Check out that satisfied smile! Check out the lampshade made from pieced together sari fabric!

Dessert was Raspberry Rosemary Sorbet. What a wonderful flavor pairing! We were so happy with everything-the atmosphere, the wait staff, the food-that we can't wait to go back again soon.

The owner walked out with us. He explained that this was their last night in this locations (?!?!?!), that they would be closed for two months, then re-opening just down the street in a slightly smaller street level location. (I actually liked being upstairs for the view at the original place...hope the view from the street will be good.)

Times have been hard for the PC restaurant owners; the economic situation has led to restaurant offering great deals on various menu aspects (drink specials, appetizer specials, two for one...) but Shabu were doing fine...just wanted to take advantage of a more visible location on Main Street.

Once the snow flies...they will open again.

I think there is a really good chance we will be there when it happens!

(especially since we found a "buy a $10 gift card for $25 off dinner" offer at the restaurant on line. I had never thought to look for such a thing, but when I went to check out their reviews, there it was. Hmmm....I'm going to do that kind of research more often!)

How does one finish up the evening after such a great meal?
Go see one of the many art galleries on the same street.
It was "Last Friday of the Month Park City Gallery Stroll"; had we been so inclined, we could have just gone from gallery to gallery to nibble and nosh and sip beverages until we were quite full.
This gallery was having a fund raiser for PC Theater. We could have purchased a drawing ticket for $25; if our ticket had been drawn, we would have received a certificate for $500 in merchandise from this gallery.
When we were there, at after 9 pm, there had been twelve tickets sold.
So tempting...but there are other causes that we support.
I have to wonder though: which of the wonderful pieces of art that we admired would we have purchased if we had won?
Something to think about, when in the future I revisit the evening in my mind.


myletterstoemily said...

my family has spent a couple of wonderful
ski vacations in park city and just love it.

thanks for the green bean recipe and the
lovely exposure to a wonderful restaurant.
i hope they have many prosperous days
in front of them.

Lovella ♥ said...

OH it does look like a delightful restaraunt. We fine dine so seldom. . .one day, we'll give it a whirl with you!

Vicki said...

One of these days... :)

ellen b. said...

Wow your great top goes so well with all that wonderful looking food! Love the top!!