Friday, August 27, 2010

Scarlett and I both use...

Two o'clock Thursday afternoon.
I was bored and so ready to go home.
I took a walk outside to see the weather, and when I swung back into the office, a flock of girls in the school's skin care program met me with a "Jill! You'll do it won't you???"
"It" being a volunteer for a beauty make over.
They were right, I would.
Totally would!

I didn't even bother to think about why they thought of me when they thought of "make over". Around where I work, it is not a cause for dismay if someone in the hall way to flags you down to undergo a wax or facial peel.
(In fact, I had just gotten flagged for a peel on Tuesday evening, and I was indeed peeling nicely while the make-up artist-to-be was working on me.)
Apparently each student was assigned a movie star's picture, and were to apply make up to a classmate to mimic the star's look. wasn't so much that I brought to mind Scarlett...there was just an odd number of students and by co-incidence the left over student had drawn SJ's look to duplicate.

It would take more than make-up to make me look like the luscious Ms. Scarlett J. But I have to say, I do like the make-up palette that she was wearing in the "inspiration" photograph.
That's what's so fun about a make-over. You get to see how something different would work on you.

Had to take some "After" pictures in the hat I was wearing that day.

The skin care girls are all about sunscreen.
I am all about not re-applying sunscreen three to four times a day...I apply a hat instead.

They nag me to remember to put sunscreen on my neck, arms and hands too. Tuesday I also had an arm peel as the summer sun had left that skin looking pretty old. I may have to consider wearing opera length gloves in the future if I want to have nice hand and arm skin without slathering sunscreen there too.

Back home I was a bit disappointed that B. was working quite late. I wanted him to see the make-over too. I consoled myself
by playing with the "after" pictures a bit. Adding sepia to one image was an interesting make-over too.

The thing about digital camera: you can take as many shots as you want, and even try out new expressions.
I call this the: "Don't mess with a middle aged librarian in a hat if you know what is good for you" look.

The friendly and approachable librarian in a hat look...

The "I'm listening" look.

Cropping pictures is fun too...straighten and tip the image for a different look. When Bernie came home I showed him the pictures. He said I looked sixteen again! Or more accurately, I looked sixteen again in the pictures. You see, a make-up make-over can only do so much. For real make-over satisfaction, it is important to use what the movie stars use:

Photo editing up the whazoo!
(Above: a picture before photo editing. EEEKKK!)
Forget make-up.
Forget diamonds.
Blemish fix in Picasa really is this girl's best friend!


Lovella ♥ said...

Oh beautiful and so fun and the shots and the hat. .I enjoyed it all. It really is fun to use the blemish button...
Whether you are made over or not, I think you are just super classy. .and gorgeous.

ellen b. said...

You sure know how to have fun! The airbrush (blemish fix) can be a models best friend? :0)

Vee said...

You look fabulous! Sounds like a lot of fun.

Vicki said...

I was thinking to myself as I read along just how youthful you look, and perhaps I need to buy another plane ticket to SLC for the same deal! "Blemishes" and "wrinkles" and whatever else maturity brings us only serve to add character and interest to our faces - you look beautiful! I love the color palette, too, and your hat sets it all off! Sooo, did Bernie offer to take you out on the town that evening? :)

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Oh...what fun! Makeover...hat...great look lovely my dear.

Now...where do I find that blemish button?

running wildly said... are one fine lady. Beautiful.

Sara said...

You are hilarious! I love it. I so agree about the digital cameras and how fun it is to take all sorts of photos... I've actually scared myself a few times with the very aged and mean-looking woman looking back at me in some of those self-portraits!! Hmmmm....I must look for that blemish fix in Picasa!

Pondside said...

Thanks for my morning smile!
The blemish button is a wonder, but I always like my people with the kiss of time evident - you have waaaay more character as the real you!