Sunday, August 08, 2010

Perfectly Beautiful Outside.

The temperature was perfect for being outside this weekend, so B. and I loaded up and headed out to enjoy.
We hiked...

I took flower pictures....
He caught a snake.
(I'm not fond of snakes, but this little fellow was kinda cute.)

I heard birdsong...
and was thrilled to have a Western tanager visit over head.
Bernie fished (didn't catch anything) while I read on the shoreline.

I picked a few tiny berries for a snack.
Watched almost full grown mallards shifting through mud for dinner.
Saw the already beautiful Mt. Tipanogas turn even more beautiful reflecting sunset hues.
Sunday, late in the day, went for another drive over Guardian Pass. The meadow colors were great, and a different mix of flowers than we saw just four weeks ago.
Penny sized flowers are so gorgeous up close.
The white version of the orange red Indian Paint brush has its own kind of beauty, don't you think?
My brave husband, checking the path ahead so I won't be in for any surprises.
(Plus I tend to stop to take pictures which slows me down while he forges ahead!)
A little rain didn't stop Bernie from fishing, but I didn't care to get wet.
I'm doing a little reading...much to heavy to talk about first thing on Monday morning.
Tomorrow I'll try to give a brief summary of what the reading was all about.
Meanwhile...Happy 8-9-10!


Lovella ♥ said...

Happy 8910 to you too. Oh your hike pictures were wonderful. It seems so much like our mountains.
Did you read while you drove? Surely not. .it makes me carsick thinking about it. It does seem like a very heavy read for such lovely surroundings.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Actually, I have always been able to read while someone else drives. Front seat or back seat.
I don't read while we drive through pretty scenery, just in the car while it rained and after I had explored the area and B. fished.

ellen b. said...

Oh now see...I didn't even notice the 8-9-10!! You got some great photos as usual Jill. You really do live in a gorgeous area :0)

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I think you found the perfect way to spend the weekend (other than the heavy reading)! Beautiful photos.

Sorry Bernie struck out in the fishing department!

Vicki said...

When I was filling out a form last week for today, I noticed the "8-9-10" and thought "Neat!" So, Happy 8-9-10 back to you! The scenery and flowers and trees and mountains and streams are beautiful. The, not so much. Tell B to keep 'em to himself!

Pondside said...

What a great hike you had. I've had walking in the woods on my mind a lot these past few days, and am just about to head out with the dog, through the gate and into the woods.
Like you, I can read in a car (as long as I'm not the driver!)- and I can read in just about any conveyance. I don't know about the subject matter - looked a little heavy!

Sara said...

I never cease to be amazed at the different kinds of landscapes you show us on your outdoor jaunts. Love all the ferns among the trees, and the dark markings on the white tree bark are really eye catching too. And, being nosy, of course I enlarged that one picture so I could see what you were reading! Pretty heavy reading...

running wildly said...

I'm laughing at how nonchalant you are......we took pictures of flowers......Bernie caught a snake *insert photo of BERNIE HOLDING A SNAKE WITH HIS BARE HANDS* EGHADS!!!!!!!!!!

Just a little something from Judy said...

This is an exceptionally beautiful post! Time together, the mountains, flowers, water, and quiet enough to read...perfect day in my mind. Good photography too!