Monday, May 17, 2010


Good times at last for the Garden Bunny.

The lettuce crop has grown above his pink ear tips.

I reach around him to harvest, leaf by leaf, the makings for a savory salad each day.

Mother's Day brought a new feature to Bunny's domain:

A waterfall fountain for our deck!

Blending in well with the other barrel planters, the chuckling sounds of falling water is my current sedative against stress.

I've packed red flowers into the planters to encourage hummingbirds to linger, and planted seeds to grow small rounded carrots, multicolored radishes and various herbs amidst the flowers.

I see the makings of future lazy day snacking and plate garnish in my mind's eye as I plant.

Peanuts in shells are perched on the railing and aside the water bearing barrels to lure blue jays in for closer inspection.
So far the Jays only steal them when no one is there to see.
I have patience...eventually they will be eating peanuts straight out of my hand.
(The only question remaining is how will I take a picture of that when that happens?)
Ah is simply bliss to be out on the sunny porch with a good book and friendly feline.
Happily, the birds don't seem to mind the kitty...a blackheaded grosbeak dropped by several time.
The chicadees flittered in and out...
One 'dee even worked on his pedicure!
I was THRILLED to see a bunting.
At first I thought it was an oriole.
Thunderheads pile up over the mountain; the air fills with the scent of freshly mow lawn. Good weather inspires all the neighbors to get their lawns trimmed up at last.
Mixed in with the grass scent: the fragrance of lily-of-the-valley wafting over the fence from our neighbor's back yard. They are rarely they know what they are missing right now?
The tree on our side of the fence is a cloud of white.
Blossoms wedge themselves in between fencing.
I see the white cloud-like tree, yet need to see the individual flowers as well.

They won't last forever; a forceful wind gust tore the petals free, creating a shower of white in the garden.

The petals piled up in every crevice; snowdrifts that melted not in the afternoon sun.

The tree...the mountain...the snow.
Which was cold?
Which was warm?
The water falling on the deck burbled and called to me.
Up on the deck I put my camera and glasses safely on the low table next to the couch.
Nestled my head on the pillow
and closed my eyes.
Lulled by the sound of splashing water
singing birds
scent of flowers
warmth of springtime
I fell asleep.
Five hours later I awoke.
I think I have found at last the nap place of my dreams.


ellen b. said...

Things look sprung finally there in your world. Pretty shots. A 5 hour nap...wowzers!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi Jill,
It's so nice to meet you another hat lover! I wear them as often as I can. Do you find that it attracts a lot of attention as not many folks wear hats anymore? It never dawned on me to do a post about my hats but you have lit a spark. Thanks.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Vicki said...

I love it! I have always enjoyed napping outdoors. Perhaps it's time to find a spot for the little hammock again...