Saturday, May 22, 2010

Should I notify the Red Cross?

A double columbine...looking more like a rose or a fuchsia.

New varieties are interesting; I think I prefer the traditional columbine form though.

With all the rain (and snow) we have had lately the garden is doing well.
I've been giddily collecting coral bells lately.
They come in so many amazing colors and produce those cute little red and pink bells on a stem too.

The garden is growing fast and getting greener while my dollar pile shrinks with every trip to the nursery: my greenbacks are getting changed out for a different kind of green.

(With the way the economy is going I'm not sure the printed currency will be worth much in a few weeks anyway.)

Outside looks great.

The view from inside: not so great.

Our windows were darn near frosted looking; having to see the garden through a hazy muddy coating finally move me into action.

So yesterday it was overcast, slightly windy, warmish and perfect for the window cleaning task.
Armed with Win*ex hose spray I washed all the upstairs windows.

I was not impressed with the results.

Next I tried the same company's new product: a pad embedded with the cleaner on a pole.

Removing all the screens, I scrubbed them up and left them to air dry against the shrubbery.

I added an extension pole from the paint roller to make the cleaner on a pole long enough to reach the upstairs windows, and scrubbed up the downstairs windows as well.

The product worked well; but being finicky, I then pulled the windows out of their tracks and hand cleaned them with more product.

I couldn't quite manage to reach the outside of the stationary window half though. The few hazy spots left despite the two previous treatments (which I did TWICE) irked me, but I decided to just resign myself to imperfection.

This morning I enjoyed a (mostly) crystal clear view from all my windows.
If you would like to visit me, and have a fetish about windows being clean, please plan to drop by sometime within the next 24 hours.
After that two whole days of rain is in the forecast.
Figures, doesn't it?
Both our cars need washing too.
I tremble to think what could happen if we get them washed.
I suppose the decent thing to do would be to notify the Red Cross and the local news stations.
All clean windows AND freshly washed cars?
Monsoon rain and flooding for sure.
If we add picnic plans to the mix I suggest the local populations consider moving to higher grounds immediately.

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ellen b. said...

We've had nonstop rain all night...I'm wondering about getting a boat.
I didn't even know what a columbine was till I started blogging. It's been a interesting education for me.
That's a pretty one but I do like the uniqueness of the regular ones...