Wednesday, May 26, 2010

White Wedding Day (Pretty Much Every Day in SLC)

One television show that I really can't stand is "Say Yes To The Dress".
It isn't that I don't like seeing wedding dresses; I actually do, very much.
In fact I often treat myself to a walk around the corner from work just to see what new style wedding gown is in the Bridal shop's window.
I just don't like the television show because it makes the dress seem so critical to the success of the wedding day, rather than the actual marriage between two people.

Plus I can see all the wedding dresses I want on happy newly married brides any day of the week.

I just have to walk two blocks to the Temple Square Garden and before I know it, I am surrounded by blissful brides and their grooms.

Romantic scenes are everywhere!

It doesn't matter when I go: it can be snowing, raining, hotter than heck, and still, there WILL be brides and grooms posing in impossibly beautiful scenes.

Their smiles are real: they have married in their temple just moments before.

Such happiness is even found on the streets: mothers arrive with white gowns which they too will be wearing at the wedding as part of their faith practices.

Sometimes it is quite humorous to see the couple gliding past construction machinery....
A favorite picture place: when the water is still the couple gets a perfect reflection of themselves and their Temple.

And yes, sometimes the bride will be seen arriving in the midst of downtown traffic.
(I am always jealous of the brides whose husbands pick them up and twirl them about. I don't know why I didn't think to have Bernie do that with me when we got married. I certainly was light enough for him to do so back then, unlike now...)
In Texas brides plan weddings so they can be photographed in the bluebonnet field. Here in SLC, an April or May wedding allows for pictures to be taken surrounded by tulips. Yes...I am jealous of that too.

The semi-down side: Wedding couple traffic is heavy; often two or three, four or even five couples may be seen getting their "special day" photos taken. The more the merrier, or does each couple feel a little less special sharing the space with others who also just got married?

(Personally I've always enjoyed meeting couples who got married on the same day as I did. I'm not sure how I would of felt meeting them on my wedding day.)

Being surrounded by blooming trees and bushes isn't too shabby either.

Now here's a trend I wish would pass: Brides who think it is just so cute to wear training shoes or flip flops or army boots with their gowns.

Sorry girls: it's been done before, and done to death. Pick something different to put you own stamp on the day. May I suggest an interesting cocktail style hat for instance?

This particular bride apparently was a cheerleader; she was at one point draped in a letterman's jacket and did typical cheerleader jumps and poses.

Well, in her case, I am willing to make an exception. Perhaps she slipped the shoes on after the ceremony just for the pictures.

Now when there is snow on the flowers....
And snow on the grass....

I just don't understand why there would be flip flops on the feet of the bride.

If it had been a beach wedding...maybe...but this is anything but a beach wedding!

Maybe she is pretending it is a beach wedding, standing next to the water and all. Except at one point I heard the photographer ask if she wanted to wear her shoes or her sandals in this shot.

It is also quite amusing to observe the couple as the pictures are taken.
It become quite quickly apparent who is in charge of the moment.
Sometimes it is the photographer.
Sometimes it is the bride's mother
Sometimes it is the bride that is barking orders as to what needs to be done next.
Funny thing though.
I have never hear a groom say a word.
They just stand there and look happy, dutifully posing away.
And if you look closely, you can see they are really just waiting until it is all over and they can escape to their honeymoons at last.


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Great photos, Jill! And you never really aspired to be a wedding photographer, did you? It sounds like there is always a wedding to be a part of.

ellen b. said...

They should have hired you to take the photos! Great shots :0)
I suppose you do live in the wedding mecca of the world...

Anneliese said...

I enjoyed your random thoughts here...beautiful photos ... now if the couple would put as much thought into their life together after the big day... everything should be alright...

Just a little something from Judy said...

I found this post so interesting. Weddings of this type do not happen in my part of the country. It seems like they take on a more private flair than the ones you shared. I am so thankful you shared this so I could learn how they do their wedding pictures. I like the individuality of each couple,and I like your humor added in.

michelle said...

Wow! Those are fabulous photos! I have a millinery-related problem. I accidently washed and dried my husband's Army beret. I'm new to SLC - can you help or do you know of anywhere I can go to fix it? He doesn't want a new one, and he's due to deploy in less than 2 months. Thanks so much!

Lovella ♥ said...

Ah .. I so enjoyed this post. You could be a photographer for brides anyday. .and you probably understand the heightened emotions much better than most photographers would.
So fun. You might want to make this a regular event to document the bridal fashion changes over the years.

Frank's Girl said...

Wonderful images. Especially apropo for the season. What FUN!!!