Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It was a nice Mother's Day

With all the people that would normally be part of Mother's Day celebrations out of town, I had to settle for a phone call to my Mother and my daughter instead.
My San Diego grandkitties sent me a nice card though.

With Jeff and Rachel vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, we needed to visit and feed the in-town grands anyway, so I got a picture with them.
Cheeto is all grown up now.
How time flies...
I did a lot of gardening over the sunny weekend. A trip to the nursery was inspirational; a flat or two were purchased and other flats eyed closely. A cold front was expected this week; I'll wait a bit longer before buying more tender flowers.

Our next door neighbor dropped by with her little ones.
Tiggie and the Toddler played a slow game of "Follow the Patio Lion".
Tigs used to play this game with the toddler next door in Houston. Funny how he remembered how the game was played: just amble along, keeping a safe distance from the kid at all time. When the toddler stopped, so did Tigs.
Clearly he enjoys studying the little one as much as the little one enjoys studying him.
(Hart just split the scene as fast as possible...a grey blur was all that was to be seen of him!)
Later I headed back to Red Butte with the neighbor and her two little ones.
The oldest girl is 16 months old, the baby is seven weeks.
I had never attempted to photograph little children in motion before.
About seventy pictures were taken; most were pretty good, about ten were great, and two were of the caliber that I strive to obtain consistently.
No grandchildren that come without fur and paws in my future for now; I still have plenty of time to hone my photographic skills for when the day eventually comes.
Meanwhile, it was a blast to practice and pretend with a behatted borrowed wee one on Mothers Day 2010.


ellen b. said...

Wonderful captures of the little ones and their hats! Very good practice indeed. Glad you had a nice day...

Marg said...

I sounds like you know how to make the best of Mother's Day..Isn't it fun to borrow those little ones and take some shots? They are stunning.

myletterstoemily said...

i borrow little ones all the time, because
they are necessary to my well being.

looks like you made the most of your
mother's day!

Vicki said...

The pictures of the little girl are great, especially the one in the daffodils! Good for Tigs for playing nicely. Cheeto and Meowsie just don't seem all that happy about having a picture taken! (Cheeto certainly grew fast!)

I know I'm late, but I think I neglected to wish you a Happy Mother's Day, Jill!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Keep honing your day it will be your grand-munchkins you are photographing. And borrowing munchkins is good!

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh such great pictures here Jill. The little one was such a good practice model ..I'd keep her. . she's darling ..and Tiggie. .I love that cat. Give him a hug from me too.