Monday, May 10, 2010

And you thought you were creative...

I've just spent a bit of time wrestling with myself about copyright infringement.
I've decided to be good and just post the links below which will take you to the pictures and articles instead of me "borrowing" the pictures of:
-Lamps made from pressed vegetables

-A wind powered knitting machine

-Porcelain foam dinner plates and cups

-Raffia covered storage units

-Campers that fit in shopping carts and can be towed by bikes. (Yes, I do want the bike one.)

And if I ever get a donkey, I am definitely wanting one of these things.

There are lots of other cool stuff to see from Milan 2010 design show. (Each of the above links have more things at the bottom of their pages.)
I can promise you this: These are all things that you probably never thought of before, probably don't need, but probably will make you say "Huh" and want to share them with someone else, just like I did with you.

Beet and leek lampshades.

PS: I'm LOLFOTF at this thing. Wouldn't a simple diaper bag be enough for all you need to change a baby?
Guess not.


Lovella ♥ said...

I've ordered up new baby change table/bikes for my next grands. ..
crazy ..but so fun.

Vicki said...

Hmm. Veggie lamps...what keeps the insects (and smells) away?

The wind-powered knitting machine...way cool! I want one!

The porcelain foam stuff? Nah.

Is it just me, or does the raffia-covered storage unit make you think of Cousin Itt from the Addams Family?

The camper idea...interesting. What keeps the one on the bicycle balanced when someone's up in there? (The shopping cart one looks like something we could pass out to the homeless.)

That baby-changing station? My only question is: Why?

I'm laughing...where in the world do you find this weird stuff?!

ellen b. said...

Creative? If these weird things are creative I think I have a shot at creating :0)
That last one is too funny...

Sara said...

It's all a little too weird for my tastes! The knitting machine was especially interesting though.

I'm sorry, but those veggie lampshades and the raffia covered storage units are just plain UGLY!!

They might all make good art displays in a museum of modern art, however...