Friday, April 23, 2010

Drifts on the ground, in the sky, and my drifting mind

No, the Cat in the hat did not come by to make the snow turn pink.
The pink "snow" on the grass....
is a welcomed sight here!
Confetti from God as He celebrated His latest edition of His Season of Spring.
It was Earth Day when I took these pictures.
Plenty of people shuffled by on the sidewalk next to the lovely bits.
There were rallies and speeches and exhortations to "save the planet"....
And all I could see and think was how Spring came again regardless of what man was doing.
Overhead the flowering plum tree rained down petals until all that remained was deep burgundy colored new leaves on the branches that had been bare since autumn.

The bare flowerbed beside the plum had colors that a human would deem to be clashing with the delicate pinks and purple output of the tree.

What do tulips and daffodils care of color scheme?

Each blossom lights up with pride at the touch of sunshine beam glowing through their transparent petals.

Back home: Bunny is happy.

VERY happy, and more so with each sunny day.

The lettuce patch is growing at a wonderful pace!

By the doorway of our busy neighbors a huge forsythia bush blooms with wild enthusiasm for the new season.
The neighbors do nothing to husband its growth; it passes through its seasonal phases without any assistance from them.
Amazing, isn't it?

On Monday it was 85 degrees F. when I was driving home from work.

Wednesday we awoke to snow flying horizonally across our bedroom window view.

Thursday it rained and then the storm broke up into atmospheric ships that sailed across the amazingly blue sky.

Bernie and I went to the garden center together and admired the rapidly building plant selection. The employees are helpful; they warn against planting outside just yet. We take note of their advice, and will hold off on major planting until May.

I couldn't pass on one little purchase.
Our dear patient garden bunny needs a new treat!
My fly fisherman is storing his skis, switching out the snow tires, and dreaming of angling outing to come.
It is too soon to fish the snow melt swollen streams just yet; the "catch" today will be limited to Flashy Trout Back lettuce for now.
(Collecting lettuce varieties could get very addictive!)
It rained and rained and rained all day today.
I reclined on the couch before the fireplace and watched drifting foggy shreds sprinkle snow upon the hillsides around us.
Oh was it ever hard to get motivate to do more than watch and enjoy the fast moving storm.
Tomorow we hope for sun.
It will be Saturday, we will have a garage sale.
I hope all our stuff will be gone in a blink.
In any case, we will wrap it up by noon and then plan to be out and about exploring and enjoying our area.


ellen b. said...

Never a dull moment over there! A garage sale tomorrow hope it all goes well. We are having one on the Saturday of Memorial weekend if the weather is good...
Love the photos and the blossom snow...

myletterstoemily said...

i am enchanted by the pink snow.
thank you for noticing and sharing.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What lovely 'earth day' photos! Is the sun shining on your sale today? May all your offerings be snapped in in no time!

Dawn said...

Nice earth day shots!!! Pink snow is nice.

Do you remember the first earth day?
I recall being interviewed for the college newspaper in a manonthestreet sort of interview...asking my opinion.
I did my little blah blah blah on the subject and lo and behold--- I made the front page of the paper - with photo?!
Have no idea what I said...
I did not realize at the time that we would be celebrating earth day forty years later.

Who knew?

I am so old.