Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Signs that Easter is Near....

Daffodils and Violets in bloom.... a sure sign that Easter is near.

Our pharmacist in his Easter finest: Another good Easter-tide indication.

(He agreed to a picture when I explained I needed proof that I was not imagining that a giant rabbit was dispensing potions and pills that morning!)

Probably the most important non-religious sign of the season: Peeps!

So cute to see pink chickies!

And lavender bunnies all in a row.

Everyone smile!

(hee hee hee...)

Oh Oh OH!!!!

The bunnies!

The bunnies are getting BIG!!!!

The little pink chickie...

Is growing....

And growing!


That Baby Bird is almost as big as Big Bird now!

Awww....road kill peeps.

Or maybe we should call them "Performance Art" Peeps.

Yes...I think they suffered for their art.

Their sacrifice for our enjoyment was great.

Technical notes: Peeps blow up best in low power microwaves. The lower the power the bigger the blow-up. I've seen the chicks blow up to the size of foot balls without breaking through their sugar coatings.

The sugar coating keeps the peeps from sticking to the plates or rupturing to the point of explosion.

This fact is the one drawback when blowing up peeps, at least in one young lad's opinion.

(The "lad" is out of town right now with his wife and in-laws, otherwise he would have been right there with me again blowing up spring time marshmallow critters!)

Once a mother of a son, always the mother of a son...explosion appreciation comes with the territory.

The fresher the peep, the bigger and better the blow-up. Mine were on clearance at the store today and they were already showing signs of shriveling up.

I had to put them out of their misery and shame.

No Peeps were injured during the filming of this post.

Serious...those weird little buggers really seemed to like doing this!

For those who were wondering what the "perfect" card that Gail sent to her younger sister said (roughly from memory):

" You may be another year older..."

Then inside:

"But I'm still your Big Sister"

(Oh how fun it must be to be a big sister, and to taunt your little sister forever!)


Lovella ♥ said...

Fanatastic. . I still have a few peeps left for the after Easter dinner entertainment.

ellen b said...

Oh man I should have sent my kids to your house for holidays when they were growing up. That's why everyone loves their Pharmacist... they look like they can be trusted :0)
Now I might have to give in and buy peeps!

Islandsparrow said...

Aha! The peep ceremony. Are they edible? or do we just do it for the visual entertainment?? :)

Love your friend Pharmacist!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Who would ever have thought of puffing up the peeps? What fun.

Your pharmacist won't be taken too seriously!

Anonymous said...

I raised a weird child...what more can I say. Your Mom

Anonymous said...

I agree. I was raised by a wierd mother. Check my FB. Old elementary friends are telling me how "cool" my mom was for doing a blindfolded taste test and letting them put wierd foods in her mouth. Shudder! Ah well, I can only hope to be as cool as you! (except that I am not ABOUT to blow up peeps.)~L

Glorious Hats said...

Oh my never thought of doing that. Exciting times.

Jill, found this article in the sew Retro blog and thought of you so wanted to share it
http://sewretro.blogspot.com/2010/03/hello_30.html A Mondrian dress, sewn by a young woman of today from a 1970s ISL pattern, so very cool.

Enjoy, Jane

Pondside said...

Definitely the mother of a son!
Was it difficult to wash up the microwave?