Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My Iceland poppy plant is hanging out on our kitchen counter right now, close by for frequent admiration and examination.

I'd love to re-create it in ribbonry. I've got the perfect stamen, and I could make that center pod pretty easily.

A fine silk could be finger crinkled...and the center white ring bleached out.... is totally do-able.

Pop it on a light straw when it is finished, or perhaps even use it as a single fascinator blossom: Yes, it is getting my creative impulses going.

Of course an "Iceland" poppy probably should be hanging out in the snow that we had all day yesterday.

After a full day of wind and dust blowing in on Tuesday, we were warned a big storm was on its way on Wednesday.

As soon as we looked out the window in the morning, Bernie broke out his ski gear.

Tiggie struck a pose next to the ski camel back. He (Tiggie) is quite content to let skiers do what they do while he naps and stays warm.

(Seriously...NOT FUNNY! said the bunny when I came home from work at 4.)

The patio furniture padding had increased greatly since I left hours ago.

I got an odd call at work: the ski lift operator at Solitude was calling from Bernie phone.

"Is this Bernie's wife?" a voice asked.

Er...yes.....(now what???? I fretted)

Turns out that his cell phone had escaped from his pocket, and a kindly fellow skier had turned it in. That hint about putting a word describing a relationship after a name paid off. The ski life operator had opened Bernie's phone, and saw "Jill-wife" listed right away in the address book.

I headed home early, and B. had just come back from the slopes.

"You find your phone?" I asked as I swung in the door.

He was SO relieved to learn that his business phone had been turned in!

We jumped back into the car that had AWD (it was STILL snowing...) and headed up the mountain.

The picture above is Solitude ski center.

The picture below is of the ski lift where Bernie's cell phone was turned it.

Skiing was "epic" according to Bernie.

Spring time powder is the best.

We've listened to people who have skied the top European slopes; they assure us that the best day of Swiss skiing is like the worst day of SLC skiing.

Today....well, it snowed all day yesterday and then all night too.

The "cushy" patio chair now is an "overstuffed" chair.

("mmmpmppmhummmmph" says the bunny now. I suspect he is plotting an Easter egg delivery boycott this year.)


I made Paska before I went to bed. The fragrance of paska cooling is a wonderful way to head to dreamland.

Outside...Rudy was knee deep again...
Inside...I spread icing thickly on a paska slice....
Outside...Mr. B. shovelled snow....
"Paska's ready"
"I'll be right in!"
(Tiggie was snoopervising the shoveling. Apparently B. had not completely cleared all of one step; Tigs sat above it and stared at it until B. went over and finished the job.)
Iceland...Snowland...and now (hopefully) for Sunland.
I fly to San Diego in a few minutes.
It is raining there I hear.
We'll see if we can find a touch of Sunland while we are there.
Have a Blessed Easter if I don't get a chance to post before then.


Lovella ♥ said...

OH Jill .. .the colors are beautiful on your icelandic poppy. So amazing that you are having snow while iceland is losing it's ice pack ..

I'm so glad B's phone was found.

ellen b. said...

A very blessed Easter to you and yours. I was watching the U.S. Women's soccer game against Mexico last night and thought of you when I saw the snow falling on them in SLC...

myletterstoemily said...

can't believe all the snow! i heard
crested butte got a load, too.

your poppy is gorgeous! have fun
in the sun.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Not funny, is right...but then why am I smiling? I think it's all the happy endings...from the loacted cell phone to the thick slice of paska for dessert! Happy Easter.