Friday, January 01, 2010

Taking Another Look Here and There

Reindeer view #1

Reindeer view #2. I'm not moving Rudy until after the last snowfall....whenever that might be!
Snow was predicted for the whole weekend...and we got a whole lotta nada. I want more snow...NOW!

Trip #4 to the State Capitol: A large family was having a professional picture taken inside the building on the steps, and apparently one family member had escaped the portrait.

I wondered when his folks would finally notice he was missing; before or after the photographer was finished?

Or maybe he was the photographers kid. I sure hope so!
Guess where this picture was taken?
Note the old style Edison light bulbs with the lit wire. Enjoy the look those bulbs give you while you can....florescent bulbs are going to be mandated before long.
(Ewwww...I'm stocking up on the regular bulbs while I still can.)

Give up?

Well, it took four visits, but I finally got in!
I tried the door to The Office of the Governor of Utah, yet again, and this time the door swung OPEN!

The administrative assistant outside his office told me that the Governor's desk was made from the century old trees that were in a grove around the Capitol grounds. A tornado struck the area in 1999, and the radical storm left but one tree standing.
I've seen pictures of how the grove looked, the area looks pretty bare now, with still fairly young trees.
Are you proud of me finally getting into the Governor's office?
I am.
Four times is a charm I guess.
Funny thing...I still can't remember what the guy's name is!
Probably it was all for the best that he was out when I visited don't you think?
It would have been soooo embarrassing not to know if he had been there to greet me!


Vicki said...

Wow! I'm glad you finally got into the Gov's office! Was that an outer office, with a private office for him being further in?

Lovella ♥ said...

Well done.
If he had been home. .surely he would have been a gentleman and introduced himself first.. .right?
I love the picture of the stray child .. it is so poignant.

Julie said...

Giggle, Jill... how do you know the 'administrative assistant' wasn't the governor himself??

The photo of the little child is precious..... and I do love your snow... ours is pretty well all gone.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

People do that...worm their way into White Houses and government offices...and sometimes pose with presidents...and then make the news the following day. But I think they know the name of those they are posing with. I'm smiling with Julie...maybe the administrative assistant was the governor!

May Rudy stand guard for a long time!