Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hot Date on a Cold Night

Our hot date on a cold Monday Night:
Christmas Lights at Thanksgiving Point.
I really don't understand what "Thanksgiving Point" is, actually.
It apparently is a place with gardens and events and whatnot, and you can get a membership to it if you want to.
Bernie and I just wanted to go see the drive through their Christmas lights.
The drive had been advertised for awhile, and Monday was the last night that they could be seen.
I packed a thermos full of hot cocoa and we hit the road.
From far away it looked like this.

We paid eight dollars at the entrance. For two dollars more I could have had 3D glasses to wear, but with my glasses I couldn't make them work. Plus I didn't understand how something I was seeing in 3D could be made more 3D with the glasses.

We were told to turn off our car's headlight and drive slowly through the lights.

The displays were about two stories high, and were highly animated.
The smoke flew from the chimney and the windows and trees blinked merrily.
Penguins raced over igloos...
And Gingerbread men vaulted over our car.
There were Candyland scenes, Victorian Christmas scenes and 50's rock and roll scenes, all set to appropriate music.
Reindeer trotted up a ski ramp and launched into the sky...
Candy canes danced and hard candy patties spun about.

I think Bernie and I were the inspiration for this couple that raced along on their snow mobile.


I got a kick out the gifts tumbling through the sky.
Busy elves put the final touches on a cottage.

I did mention that it was a cold night didn't I?

15 degrees F., -9.44 C.

Boy did that hot cocoa hit the spot!

We could see families taking in the lights in horse drawn trolleys and couple snuggling under blankets in horse drawn carriages, and I wasn't the least bit envious.

There is a time for such romantic conveyance, and also a time for good old fashioned common sense...which in this case meant staying in our car with the heater blazing away full blast!

Pretty fun.
As a Monday night date night, it was just right.
The only thing that could have made it better would have been if we could have been on the date as two three year olds.
Oh yeah.
That would have been amazing.
Maybe next year we can borrow a couple of tykes and see the lights through their eyes.
That is an idea to look forward to.


Vicki said...

How neat! You planned well by having the hot cocoa on hand, but I'm not sure the hot cocoa and car heater would have been enough to drag me out into 15 degree temps! Brrrrrr!

Islandsparrow said...

Hot chocolate and a good car heater - perfect spot for viewing such a pretty sight!

I think you and I need some grandchildren :)

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Now if you borrow the tykes for next year...you will have to go the horse drawn carriage route. You don't want hot chocolate spilled in your car...and it happens!

It looks like a wonderful winter date destination. Our local garden shop did a drive-through light display for many years...this year they moved it indoors (greenhouses) and have made it a walk-through. I don't think you would want to do the walk-thru version for your hot date night!

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh goodness. . you should definately send them a photo of you and B bombing around on your motor bike looking at neighborhood lights.
It looks beautiful. What an incredible place you live.
Happy New Year to you dear girl. I hope those tykes show up for next year.

Marg said...

Sounds like a perfect date. Just add abit of rum to your hot chocolate next time...It will be really steamy....

Happy New Year to You and Your Bernie!!