Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snow, Ice, White: Nice.

Winter storms are at last refreshing the ski areas that are just minutes from our house.

Mr. B. has been skiing on fresh powder twice since Friday. I am so glad the slippery icicle producing warm temperatures and rains have changed to snow.

The weather really got down to business here. We got eight inches of new snow last night!

Rudy is now up to his neck in snow; his real life antelope brethren made the front page as they traveled the mountainsides in vast herds while up to their shoulders in snow.

A Blue jay loudly let me know what he thought about the weather from his tree top perch.
Awhile ago B. left his car out overnight.
While I waited inside the car before we ran an errand, he applied the ice scrapers.

I applied my camera...capturing the fragile beauty just before the scraping blade crushed the wintry designs into slush.

The bridal shop near where I work had three new gowns in the window.
The lacy ruffled look is the "new" in thing...I had wondered if such sweetness would ever return.
Do they not remind you of the frost and snowflake close-ups that I have photographed?
Isn't it strange that the image of lace harbors no suggestion of cold?
Why is that?
Life is good here: I hit the clearance sales at Macy's and scored six new tops and three pairs of pants for work. Love those sales racks!
Spring styles were to be seen as well; I am so not ready for sleeveless clothes and capris!
Last year at this time I was scoping out a Mother-of-the-Groom outfit; as I wandered through the store I remembered the suffocating feelings I felt then as realized that nothing that was being shown was suitable for a springtime morning church wedding. was awful!
There were maybe a few items available now that I noted could of worked back then.
I'm glad that I only have to chose a MOTG outfit once in my life!
Now I am tasked with cleaning out my closet and drawers.
New clothes come in...old clothes much go out.
Mr. B's rules.
Gotta get on it.
See ya tomorrow!


myletterstoemily said...

lacey frosted window panes and bridal gowns...

ellen b. said...

Oh my goodness! those snowflake icy windows are amazing and I'm going to have to show these dresses to my daughter to see what she thinks. They are just magical...

Lovella ♥ said...

oh the snow pictures are beautiful. I love the ice lace on the windows. . just gorgeous. Thank you for posting the pictures of the wedding gowns in your bridal shop .. .it makes me want to take a look at the one in our town next time I drive by. . .maybe I'll take a picture and compare what's the trend up here.

I'm glad you scored some good deals shopping. I tend to get rid of the old much easier than I used to. Clutter and I just don't blend well anymore. It must be my age.

Vicki said...

I love the lacy gowns...they look so sweet and delicate. I'm still amazed at the lacy snowflakes you get...the ones that fell when we lived in KY always reminded me of those styrofoam beads that filled the "bean-bag" chairs and other stuffed items.

Would you come help me be more ruthless in ditching the old stuff hanging in my closet? I'm such a packrat...and that doesn't work in this tiny house.