Sunday, January 31, 2010

She's got a ticket to ride: Olympic Dreaming

No, not a sleigh ride, although that would be fun too...
Bernie's company had Tubing Day at Soldier Hollow! We scarfed down hot dogs and chili in the lodge that had that great fireplace that was in the first shot, then, burping quietly because we were full, (and the hot dog chili combo does that anyway....) we headed out and up the tow line.
Bernie was "meeting and greeting" friends from work and enjoying seeing his co-worker's children and spouses.
The temperature wasn't bad at all...around 44 degrees when we finished up, but the slight breeze and snow fall the first hour made that balaclava head and face wrap greatly appreciated.

Grinning like a kid....such fun! And so nice to have a tow line up to the top of the hill instead of scrambling in the snow like the last time we went sledding.

We slid about six times: once solo, twice hooked together (my favorite way to ride!), once solo face forward, and one more time solo on a bumpier run. Above is Bernie riding down face first.

"Twas fun..."
Real fun!
Some wee ones giggled like crazy as they slid, others cried and cried. Earlier in the day these two snow bunnies-in-training had a ball sliding down with extended family on tubes all around them.

Soldier Hollow is such a beautiful valley. There is snow shoeing and cross country skiing there as well, and horse back riding in the summer.

By the way...does the name "Soldier Hollow" ring a bell?

It was where the cross country skiing and bi-athalon (Xcountry skiing and shooting) events were held during the SLC Olympics of 2002.
I really can not understand why they didn't have a tubing event then.
Shucks...I could enter to win in that sport.
It just doesn't seem fair...none of the sports that I excel in are recognized as Olympic Events.
I think I could qualify in Zen Candle Staring, Snow Tubing and Weaving.
(When I graduated from Oregon State University I owned a tee-shirt that said "Official Weaving Team" on the back. Maybe you have to have been a weaver to understand that humor...)
I'm not giving up though.
A dream of being an Olympian is worth having.
I live on the side of Mt. Olympus you know.
Give it time...Olympic glory seem inevitable, doesn't it?


Lovella ♥ said...

I love it. . .what a cute pair of snow bunnies and the little pink pair was cute too.
Thank you for observing the quiet burp when full rule. I greatly appreciate it.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Inevitable! Looks like a lot of fun...your Olympic pursuit.

I'm thinking I'll just bask in the glory of a few real Olympiads...since I think my time may have come and gone.

Vicki said...

Fun! That's my kind of sport! Those litle snow bunnies are adorable!

I excel in another weaving sport...basketweaving...will that qualify? ;)

Vicki said...

Fun! That's my kind of sport! Those litle snow bunnies are adorable!

I excel in another weaving sport...basketweaving...will that qualify? ;)

Vee said...

Oh you're a brave one! The ambulance practically sits at the bottom of our tubing hill just lying in wait. Ha! Thanks for all your visits. I've been most remiss in not following up. And you made me laugh out loud and have caused me to ponder the Olympic events where I would excel.

Sara said...

That does look like fantastic fun!

Marg said...

You deserve a Special place in the OLympics...why don't you gear up or warm up for the Special Olympics in would have enough time to warm up..I mean gear up....
I love tubing...yea for Bernie!