Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Millcreek in Winter

Mill Creek runs just blocks from our house; it is within walking distance if should so I choose and Mill Creek Canyon is a great little drive to take when I want to get out into the wild in minutes.
This time of year the little creek rushing through snow is just lovely! The other day took the drive up the canyon again. First chance I got I pulled over and parked, and wearing my work flats and a sweater I hiked over the bridge and onto the cross country ski trail to take some pictures.

It strikes me as quite funny that I can wander about in freezing temperatures wearing the same outfits that I used to wear to work in Houston, where winter temperatures in the '50s used to just make me ache with cold. Also that when the household thermostat is set at 60 I am barely able to cope, yet I dash about in snow feeling like the cold is invigorating.

(BTW...Did you see the snow encircled heart in that first picture?)

See the tiny heart on that tree? Natural Valentine, that's what that is!

There is probably a heart somewhere in this picture too...I just haven't seen it yet.

This was the view looking to the other side of the canyon...

How much snow was up in the canyon?
Well, that black bump is a campsite grill.
The other bump is the campsite table with benches.
Yup...that's a lot of snow!
I thought I'd pull a fast one and go off the ski trail to head back to the road. The weakly defined trail looked easy, until I stepped on it and sank up to my thigh.
Duh...what was I thinking???
A skier slid up to me an asked if I was OK. I was of course, but it wasn't my most graceful move that got me out of my fix.
(Note to self: Stay on the trails...especially when wearing work flats!)

The topography in every direction is worth photographing. Notice that the south facing peaks just across the parking lot has very little snow?

While the north facing slopes are deeply covered in snow. Before I moved here I never realized how much terrain orientation dictated snow coverage.

The Mill Creek Canyon deer are always up for a photo shoot. When I pulled over on my way down the hill they all turned to watch me with their ears peaked high.

I guess they like how their profiles look too.

Nice winding road...clear as can be.
Rugged hillsides...I suppose if I brough binoculars I would see all kinds of wildlife up there.
Back home...Mt. Olympus was being tickled by drifting misty clouds.
As soon as I got home I went downstairs to download my pictures. Tiggie always snoopervises my computer time. He walks across the keyboard and plants himself on the windowsill while I work.
If anything happens outside, his posture changes to high alert. Right now he is at ease.
He is one of my New Year's Resolutions: He is at least ten years old, probably closer to twelve now, and I have resolved to appreciate him more with more petting and toys.
Such a faithful character in our home...and is just as an amazing of a view for me as anything that I can see on my jaunts outside.


Marg said...

Join me my friend up in the hills where I belong, except I'm not wearing my flats and I'm still caught in snow waist deep...I can just see you darting around with your camera..
Thanks for keeping me in line...I think I have violated Vanoc's rules three times now, and Lovella has always bailed me out..and now I see that I have another watch dog...I need as many as I can to keep me out of trouble..
It's a pure white out here today...so I might be challenged with vertigo today, so I'm catching up on some of my blogging friends.

Anonymous said...

Those first few snow pictures should be made into prints and framed. They are gorgeous! They are especially lovely to see when you one has always lived in Southern California. Yes, Tiggie is a very special cat and has come a long way from the 'don't touch me' shelter cat that you brought home. All the love and time you and Bernie gave him paid off for Tigs and you. Mom

Julie said...

I'm jealous.. we didn't get winter this year... Your photos are just gorgeous.
We've had the warmest winter on record since 1986.
Spring is breaking out in buds..it's hard to believe its February , until I look at your world !
Give Tiggy an extra pat from me.

Vicki said...

I agree with your Mom...you've got some frame-worthy photos here! We sent Ryan north this week to de-stress and to enjoy a snow-filled vacation...makes me wish I was there with you. The cold from a snowy environment is different from the cold in south Texas or in Florida...I've always been convinced of that. Ryan agrees, too, as he's been playing in 10 inches of snow and loving every minute of it!

Now that Spooky has passed her 11th birthday, I'm feeling the same way about her as you feel about Tigs.

Sara said...

I love all those hearts you found! I'm always finding hearts like that too...little love notes from God.

Mr. Tiggie looks very happy on his windowsill. Please give him a hug from me.

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh . . lovely new sweet template.
I saw the heart you clever girl.
I've stepped thigh deep into snow from time to time. .

Oooh. .what did Marg do now? That girl ..between the two of us. ..we'll keep her out of trouble.

Just a little something from Judy said...

I enjoy every visit to your blog. This one I especially enjoyed. If I had a place with such beauty and majesty so close to my home, I think I would be making many visits, and yes I would be probably wearing my flats and my sweater. That part I could relate to and it made me smile. My husband just shakes his head in disbelief. These pictures are just breathtaking! I love the snow and the blue sky. The little heart just added the perfect touch! As did the pictures of your beloved pet at the end of the post. Great post!

myletterstoemily said...

beautiful 'heartfelt' phots. but i really came to
check on your cats and mice! :)