Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hard at work...or....hardly working.

Sometimes working as a corporate librarian requires me to be willing to be flexible.
For example, last Wednesday the Esthetician class had an uneven number of students.

A request went out for someone willing to step in so every student would have a chance to work on someone.

Turned out I would be made up by Kelley.
I know Kelley pretty well; he has completed both the massage programs and now is working on his Esthetican degree.
He will one day be the "go to" guy for all spa work...massage, facials, make-up...

Kelley had a photograph of a model, and his task was to replicate the model's make up on me.
Pretty fancy eyes for a routine day at the office.
Funny...I don't recall any thing in Library School about this kind of duty.
(Kelley got an "A"...of course!)


Lovella ♥ said...

Lucky duck. All in a days work.
He really did a good job on your makeup .. you look lovely, and I can see your skin has definately benefitted under the work load that you carry. Well done.

Sara said...

Love the golden eyelids! The extras that come with your job are quite wonderful, and there's nothing very librarianish about them either!