Sunday, January 17, 2010


(The day after I had a student do my make-up I was asked if I was willing to allow a Masters level student practice a skin treatment on me. You can see the make-up shots following this post, the make-up was done BEFORE any of the treatments on this post).
Here's me showing some courage:

Posting a picture of my skin without any make-up just prior to attending to another job duty.
This time I was about to have my upper face treated with galvantic current, a high tech wonder treatment that will reduce wrinkles, improve tone and sagging, hydrate, and generally improve my skin in every way anyone could ever wish for.
Usually results come immediately and skin continues to improve with each treatments.
I'm going to be photo documenting the results on my skin each session just to see what happens.
Here goes session #1:
The Masters Level student work only on my eye and forehead area.
There is a definite difference on my forehead skin and some changes in the eye wrinkles,



Hmmm....not sure I see a lot of difference in the photo. A little less eye wrinkling, but better skin tone for sure.

(You can see the dual tipped applicator above my eyebrow in this shot.)

The treatment occasionally felt a little prickly, like when arm hair is caught in fine knit fabrics. Not bad, just a light sensation. A whole lot of stuff is going on with this kind of treatment but it is totally relaxing for me.

Next time I really want my lower face done too...

Then, because I was there, and they offered....I had microdermabrasion done as well.

In the above picture fine particles of something is being sandblasted onto my skin, and then suctioned off.

Before either treatment....

After both treatments.

Oh yes...I see a definite difference!

Smooth and glowing skin.
Apparently the galvanic treatment and the microdermabrasion can both be done every 4-6 weeks.
I'll be curious to see how much change I will see in my skin after my next treatment.
(And the next and the next...I'd sort of like to have my skin back to how it looked at age 20!)
I'll have to ask if the school will be doing these treatments during the weekend clinics.
If they do, I can bring a friend along for treatment too.
Any takers out there?


Vicki said...

(Madly jumping up and down and waving hands!!) ME! ME! ME! Pick ME!


Marg said...

Can I come too? that must of been so much fun...I think I'd start with other areas first...Tummy tuck??
Reduction in other places?
Ah yes, why not pamper ourselves..

Lovella ♥ said...

Checking my calendar now. .

Bombchell said...

I'm considering getting microdermabrasion for a few facial scars I have, so thanks for posting this picture. I was nervous there would be hardly any difference, but if I look glow as much as your after I'd be excited