Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Artistry




In the secret dark of a foggy night, a delicate artistry takes place.

Everything has been etched with unexpected beauty.

Every bow of the grand towering spruce has shimmering silver traces of hoarfrost.

The coastal fog-loving sequoia that somehow grew here in our mountains today bears crystals of phenomenon rarely found in its traditional homeland.

A Christmas ornament bedecks the yew by the front door. When the rosy sphere was hung, it seemed festive enough. Now its form is enhanced by natural means not foreseen, and by which it is able to exceed its prior beauty.

Views above are wonderous.

All around me has been changed and become a new by the presence of frozen atmosphere.

Shards of frost

Grew in sequences that only the Creator could plan.

Such wonder...
Such beauty...

Created for what?

A moment of wonder?

A celebration?

A gift for those who take the moment to enjoy?

Nothing is too small for the touch of change.

One moment air and moisture encircled us invisibly...and then, in a secret moment, air and moisture became something new.

But only for a time.

The tangible, visible witness of air and moisture with the touch of the rising sun departs again into the invisible place, leaving behind just a memory.

Dedicated to the passing of Mark Spriggs, whose soul took flight to Heaven last night.
We rejoice in the memories of Mark that will remain etched upon our hearts.
We rejoice that he is out of pain, and now finds himself clothed in white, shimmering in a place of Glory where one day we will surely see him again.


Sara said...

Tears are falling for the beauty and the sadness and the glory of it all.

Blessings to you and Bernie.

Sara said...

PS: Sad in some ways, but joyous in the most important ways.

Anonymous said...

LOVE, mom S

Vicki said...

So beautiful, Jill. Sad, too. You have put your gift for words into perfect use here. I'm sure that makes God does the homecoming of another of His children. Hugs to you and Bernie.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Joys and and intertwined in your post...and in life. May your memories bring you much comfort...and may you be at peace this Christmas season knowing that Mark is celebrating in heaven.

Marg said...

How beautiful and how touching. This is my favorite...And yet he has reached his final destination.
You always amaze me how you capture things. Will you please be there to outline my life when I terminate???
Blessings to you..

Lovella ♥ said...

Jill .. .such beautiful thoughts.
I am praying for you and B and especially for B's parents . ..hugs to you all.
What joy to have hope in being reuinited in heaven. Soon and very soon ..we are going to see the king.
May all the wonderful memories you have as a family be a comfort to you.

Kathy said...

Beautiful post. I love God's creative artistry best. People make some great art - but I like God's artistry best.

Mark is enjoying his Christmas homecoming, undoubtedly. Your family will miss him. Joy and grief are such close neighbors. Peace be to you and your family.