Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Friday was our 33rd wedding anniversary. Our awesome daughter Laura secretly pulled together pictures of Bernie and me together, and created a calendar just for us.

Each month she found a picture, a suitable phrase and then filled in the dates, including "monthiversary" on the 18th day of each month, and historical events like moving dates, grad dates, and conceptions.

(We happen to know when each of our kids were anyone looking at this calendar will know too...blush.)

I have kept a journal of just how we spent each of our anniversaries.

Some were spent simply, with a movie and pizza.

Others were more memorable, with flights to major cities and stays in luxurious hotels and parties that required black tie and formal wear.

And of course, some years we celebrated the event in bed while aching with flu, passing Kleenex and medicine to each other between naps.

For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, for sickness and in health..."

Each anniversary seemed to fall into one or another of those categories.

"So", you might be saying about now, "How did you spend your 33rd anniversary?"

Oh it was a special one all right.

Bernie woke me up with a "Happy Anniversary!" kiss, and then headed to work.

I got up about an hour later. Got up and wandered out to the living room.

Hart had pooped on our living room rug. That wasn't too surprising...while he normally has flawless litter box skills, he had had diarrhea for two days, and we had already agreed he would go to the vet's on Friday, my day off.

When I went back into our bedroom, Tiggie was still asleep on our bed. He stood up, stretched, and proceeded to have bloody diarrhea on the bedsheets.

Hoo boy.

I called the vet, and hustled Hart into the cat carrier, and scooped stool samples from both pets. I knew better than to attempt to get Tig's into a carrier alone...I cherish my skin, if you know what I mean.

Turns out both cats had bacterial colitis. Prescriptions for antibiotics were written.

I returned home with Hart, dumped him out of his carrier and raced downtown to meet Bernie at a concert at 12:15.

It was gorgeous. You can hear and see a bit of what we experienced by clicking here to go to my web album to see a movie clip.

After the concert I ran an errand or two, and then returned home to work on our Christmas tree.

Bernie and I had started on it the night before, and it was coming along nicely.

(And note that the idea of using a tea strainer in front of a camera lens to create star lighting actually works!)

All that was needed was more shiny red ornaments and some ribbon curls to make it "work" with my new Christmas "take" of red and green semi-Scandinavian/Mid Century Modern look.

I was still at it when Bernie got home. No dinner had been made, and I was feeling a bit queasy.
He decided to pop a pizza in the oven.
We munched.
I had really not wanted to deal with our bedding.
Seriously, I was feeling sick enough without dealing with that mess!
My beloved husband took it on himself to address the problem
Much to our surprise, Tiggie had tried to deal with it too.
He had apparently spent quite a bit of time trying to bury the mess. And in the process shredded our sheets.
Well..truth be known, I had been intending to buy new sheets anyway.
We use California King size sheets as they are designed for longer beds (which us tall folks require), and Cal King sheets are not easy to find.
I had been procrastinating.
The newly shredded sheets had been long over due for replacement.
So instead of going out for an intimate dinner at a cozy restaurant, or driving through some Christmas scenery or something like that, we instead grabbed our 20% off coupon for a bedding store.
Lucky us...we were able to find Cal King sheets, and they were even on sale!
How romantic is sheets for our anniversary.
Bernie also gave me a dozen white roses and two cards-one funny, one sweet.
I couldn't find the one I bought him.
(Lately I suck at gift and card giving anyway...)
The cats seem much better today.
I felt so sorry that they felt so sick.
I myself still feel a little queasy.
Bernie...well, he is down with a migraine as I type this.
Knowing our Best Man (Bernie's brother) was also nearing his end of his life, (Bernie spent last weekend with him...and as of last report, he is slipping in to a coma) of course it was difficult to want to celebrate much anyway.
I've titled this post "What's Love Got To Do With It?" because it isn't how much love you feel for one another that dictates how an anniversary goes.
If love had anything to do with how anniversaries go....this post would be about a much, much better day.
At least we were together for it.
In the end...that is all that really matters to me anyway.


Lovella ♥ said...

Jill you are right. .all that matters is that you have each other to be with today and God willing tomorrow too.
What a wonderful daughter you have. I love her gift idea and smiled that the conception dates were included for your amusement.
What does one say to a dear friend when her brother in law is slipping into a coma? I'm thinking of you. . .and (((((hugs)))

Laura said...

Aw Momma! I simply love your post! So well written, so well tear jerking, so beautiful. And yes, you have both successfully role modeled marriage. Good times and bad, ups and downs. You've got it all covered. I LOVE you!!!!

Vicki said...

Such a great post...observing and celebrating one's anniversary is really all a part of life, and you've definitely had some ups and downs in your life together. Friday was another example of those ups and downs...thankfully, most of it was something you can laugh about. You do have a wonderfully thoughtful and creative daughter, too!

I'm sorry I'm so late in wishing you a happy's been another crazy weekend!

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Bernie, and the rest of your family at this time, too.

Julie said...

Congratulations on your 33 wedding anniversary !! And I agree, being together is all that matters and if that is what matters, love will be there...
I'm sorry you had a 'less than perfect' day ... I hope you are both feeling better.
Laura's idea of the calendar was beautiful, and beautifully done!

I offer my deepest sympathy for the pain you must be feeling... I'm so sorry. May God's comfort cover you and Bernie.