Sunday, November 22, 2009

Like the veiled cocktail hats...yes?

I do like the saucy lace veiling cocktail hats.
Perhaps additional veiling elsewhere would be appropriate too.
Say, like maybe...slips?

(Picture from an advertisment for "holiday" frocks. What a crock...I'd be freezing to death if I wore one of those outfits to a holiday event!)
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Lovella ♥ said...

Now if I could have the dress of the girl sitting down . . lined with one of those darling veiled cocktail hats. .and then a perfect invitation to a place that would need that outfit . ..I'd feel festive for sure.

Vicki said...

They'd really have to turn up the heat before I'd wear that...but even then, I'd never feel comfortable! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love lace...but I agree...where is the slip? Kinda cute though if you can just visualize the dresses lines. Smiling Kathy

Marg said...

My mom used to have hats with veils...Many years ago.
I love the little black dress, but mine looks slightly different.
I think I would add some tights under it???

Julie said...

Jill, you make me laugh! I thought those WERE slips. I think I might be a bit 'warm' if I wore one of those frocka. giggle Pretty they are though and the cocktail hats.

Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

Veiled cocktail hats look always so misterious and sexy, I agree!
You keep advocating their use... we should keep on pushing and eventually somebody will listen!!

Kathy said...

Slips must be going out of style. I guess that's why many of the new skirts are pre-lined. Must have skipped that step in light of the long, young, firm legs. M

I like Lovella's choice too. I remember my mom wearing veiled hats. Oh where are they now?

Kathy said...

On the other hand maybe these dresses are the perfect weight for menopause.
HA ha.

Armando y Montez said...

Love the lace veils and LOVE your writing..

Anneliese said...

For Mennopause, eh? Somehow I missed this post the other day.
And our mothers were concerned if our long sleeved turtle neck dresses were too short! I pity the next generation of moms.