Monday, November 16, 2009

Field Trip to Utah's Capitol Continues...

OK everyone...finish up your snacks, and let's continue on our field trip.

Isn't that a great lamp lighting the way up the staircase on the opposite side of the building that we explored yesterday?

So very pre-WWI.

The state symbol of Utah is the beehive...the motto is Industry.
The early pioneers believed in working like busy bees!

At the top of the stairs is an office window with the same motif.
I suspect it may be a modern window though.
The office belongs to...the Governor of Utah.
This door was locked.
I know because I did try the door handle.
I don't know what I would have done if the door had opened and I was suddenly faced to face with the Governor himself!
Around the corner was another open door....

A very formal room with antiques galore! Above: The view to the left...

The brocade on the walls...
Painted ceiling above...

And the view to the left. Each side matched/mirrored the other.

I'd love to know what people have been entertained here over the years.

The gold leaf and painting details were amazing.

Imagine applying delicate gold leaf to the carving.

The drapery...old, velvet, embroidery, with tassels and trims from long ago, yet apparently has had good conservation techniques over the years.

A trip down the stairs, and down another flight and we can see displays detailing the work that has been done on the Capitol building during the renovation. To think that all that fine detail work was previously simply painted over...oh my....what a project it must have been to restore the building to its former glory.

The building had these Seismic Base Isolator installed while it was under scaffolding. The Wasatch Mountains snake along a major fault line...better to spend the money preparing the building to withstand a huge shake instead of trying fix it after it was reduced to rubble.

A relief map of the area; the smudgy area below the Great Lake is Salt Lake City.

The red-brown line heading over the mountains to Park City snugs up to the mountain edge right where we live.

In the next display we can see pictures of all the Utah Governors. Handsome men...but perhaps more interesting was comparing changes in formal business suits over the years. Differences in lapels, collars, ties...each would have been the "state of the art" attire at the time of the photographs.

Another handsome Governor. Nice art work too.

There is so much to learn about Utah on this floor. Utah has always had theater events, even when it was just a small settlement of pioneers in the 1860's. Now there are symphonies, choirs, dance troops, several theater companies, outside art and art museums to enjoy.

Well, since all of you have done so well behaving yourself on this field trip, you can now visit the gift shop.

You can buy some salt from the Great Salt Lake...

Or a funny post card....

Or perhaps find a charm to add to your charm bracelet.

There will be a test later about all the architectural items that we saw.
You will be expected to be able to spell each term correctly and to describe what each term means.

On our way of the larger than life sized recently commissioned sculptures at the base of the dome.
Pop quiz: Why would the door push handle have a bee hive on it?

There will be a test on the history of this building. Refer to this plaque for study notes.

Note that from ground breaking to building completion took just over two years...less time than than it took to renovate the whole building!

Outside the blue skies and flowers surround a rather mystical statue telling the story of Utah.

Linger for few minutes, enjoy the sunshine and landscaping...and then my field trip is over.

All that is left to do is drive down the tree shaded streets and return to my work once again.


Lovella ♥ said...

I always felt I missed out on the many field trips that students take now adays.. .

The capitol is quite impressive and I am quite dissapointed that the govenor wasn't home. I might have quite enjoyed your interview with him.

Vicki said...

Wow...I'm impressed. This was a great field trip...much better than the ones we never took as kids. ;)

I'm amazed that you were actually able to get to the outside door to the governor's office, too...that's so unheard of these days.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I'm still wondering how it was that you were able to wander about the premises unchecked. In this day of high security...there are a few surprises.

So glad you slipped throguh the security and took us on the field trip. I'm not sure I'll pass the history test...but sure enjoyed the outing! Beautiful building.

Sara said...

My favorite is the beehive motif! And that it is an old-fashioned beehive, not one of those wooden boxes.

You've definitely got chutzpah - trying the Governor's door handle like that!

Lin said...

I guess my question is that even though you were able to wander around unchecked, wouldn't there have been some people? This is really eerie to me...

Janitha said...

Wow almost looks like something from Europe. Just got a little homesick.... :(