Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not to brag....well, actually, yeah...I'm bragging big time!

What proud mama wouldn't want to brag when her son and daughter-in-law are featured in one of the biggest bridal magazines west of the Mississippi?

Jeff and Rachel's engagement story and pictures were featured on Utah Bride and Groom's blog buzz on Monday.
Hope you can see the pictures, otherwise head over to the link above!

(And now you can understand why I rarely showed pictures of my kids when they were little. People would look, and then get sad when they realized that I had the most beautiful children ever....and their kids were, well, just kinda cute. Don't hit me! I'm kidding!)

Aug 10, 2009
09:41 AMBridal Buzz
Engagement Photos: Rachel & Jeffrey
By Tessa Woolf
Aug 10, 2009 - 09:41 AM
I love Rachel and Jeffrey's engagement photos shot out and about in downtown Salt Lake City by Pam and Ritchie of Ritrato Photography. (The shot at Blue Iguana is one of my faves—and it's a great restaurant, too!) Enjoy the photos and the couple's sweet proposal story.
The Couple: Jeffrey Spriggs & Rachel Burton
The Proposal: "Earlier in the week Jeff suggested that we get Mexican food at our favorite fish taco joint on Friday night," says Rachel. "We'd gone there on our first dinner date, so I started to suspect that he was going to propose."
"When I called him after work I was planning to hit the gym, but he suggested we go watch the sunset and drink champagne above the Capitol for our 'Monthiversary.' We'd been to the overlook before on one of our first dates and it has the best view of the lake, valley and sunset. I scrapped the gym and hustled home from work to get dressed for our date."
"Once Jeff picked me up, we headed up to an overlook to watch the sunset. After we cheers'd to seven months together he told me he had a present for me and to close my eyes. When I opened them he was on one knee (in the mud) with a gorgeous engagement ring and he asked 'Rachel, will you do me the honor of spending the rest of your life with me?' I said 'Of course! I can't wait to be your wife!' Then we headed down to Lone Star Taqueria for a dinner of the best fish tacos in the valley!"
The Wedding: was held May 2, 2009. The couple were married at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Sonoma, California, followed by a reception at The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa. "I am from Santa Rosa, California (wine country), and I wanted my Utah friends to see where I grew up!" says Rachel. A Utah reception at the groom's parents' home in Olympus Cove in Salt Lake City was also held on June 13, 2009.


Kate said...

Oh (siiiiiiiiiiiigh!!) I love a great romance. Thanks for sharing.
K Q:-)

Marg said...

You have every reason to brag....Why can't we celebrate those milestones and keep reminding them of their love as they will some day look bag at that particular edition....
Very exciting..

Sorry, I didn't wear a hat to the horse race, but I do wear one in my barn every day. You will need to stop by and check out the new farm apparel..

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Hey...shout it out! What great photos...and a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!

And since Marg's talking hats...and you were wondering if I wore a hat on our recent 'going away'...and the answer is 'no'. Hats and shorts just don't seem to go that well...although I think a hat at Butchart Gardens would always be appropriate.

Kimmie said...

You are a proud Mama...and why shouldn't you be? Those are some awesome photographs and what a memory for all of you.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted